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Observation Task 4: Observing a teacher during a Science

To observe Science teaching in action and begin to understand effective strategies
for Science teaching and learning in groups.


You will need a copy of the Observation Table:

Before the Observation

Arrange to observe a lesson that focuses on Science and discuss the lesson
with the teacher beforehand so you can know the Objectives and the lesson
Ask the teacher what strategies she will use to help her deliver the lesson.
Get an idea of the Inquiry/experiment the students will do.


Identify healthy food.

Ask students what they ate yesterday.

- The T bring plastic materials( fruits, vegetables, bread and meat)
- S put the materials in food pyramid.

During the Observation

Complete the Table and make notes in the appropriate column on:

How the teacher introduces key terms and engages students

The topic and how its introduced
How much of the lesson is teacher talking time
How much group work is used and if students are active participants
What materials were used and their purpose
How much Arabic is used

Title of Science Lesson: healthy food.

Grade: 2/1
Objective(s): Identify healthy food.
Template For Task 4 Observing a Science Lesson






Purpose / objective of the activity

Each group will make a

She explain the activity to the

Work in groups and write what

table about healthy food.

students. Give them instructions.

they ate yesterday in the table.

Give the groups

The health
pyramid sheet
and pictures of
food and they
will find the
picture, after
that they will
stick the picture
in its right place.

Give the students

Engage with other students and

instructions and encourage

help them to stick the pictures.

Answer in book.

7 mins.

10 mins.

them to do it quickly
because she will praise the

Our food table.

Identify our healthy food.

The health

Explain the pyramid

for example it start
with what and is it
healthy or not.

Pencil and workbook.

Make sure the students

first group who finishes.

7 mins.

T will explain the exercise, she

will do the first question as
example. Ask them to do it

Answer on the book individually.

understand the lesson.

After the Observation:

1. What was the objective of the lesson?
Learn about our food.
2. Was the objective achieved?
3. How were key terms introduced and explained?
T showed the S table (rice, meat , fruits , vegetable) and asked the students to discuss it
in a group, after that answer what they ate yesterday, if it was healthy or not.
4. How did the teacher build the teaching/leaning? How did the lesson progress?
The teacher connect the lesson with students life, by asking what they ate at home or
what did they bring for breakfast.
Did teacher do whole-class teaching or group work? Why?
Group work, to engage the students with each other.
5. Was there an inquiry/experiment? Describe the process.

6. Did students record the experiment?

7. How much teaching was done in L1? Why do you think the teachers used L1?
Whole time, because she teach in Arabic.

8. What was the purpose of these?

Teach the students about healthy food and how to be healthy.

9. Were there any other resources/materials used to deliver the lesson?

Power point, food pyramid and workbook.
10. Did teacher do whole-class teaching or group work?
Group work.
11. When did she work with the whole class? Why?
When she give them new information and students repeat it.

12. How much of the lesson were the students using the book?
10 mins.
Reflect on students learning Science in English and the teacher teaching in English.