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From: 704-305-3672 Page: 1/1 Date: 4/26/2012 6:51:50 AM To oszza7426 FROMBANK OF AMERICA %4Ape12.—_(0950 EST 343165538 PAGE 1oft Bankof America = Bank of America, N.A. Wire Transfer Services Date: 26-APR-2612 Time Wire Completed: 69:50 ET Account: XXXXXXxK2959 MCAFEE & TAFT ESCROW ACCOUNT ATTN: JUDY WEBB 211 N ROBINSON AVE STE 1906 OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 731g2-71 fttn: JUDY WEBB Please contact us at 889.729.9473 Option 2 if you have any questions about this wire transfer. Thank you for using Bank of America Wire Transfer Services. ‘The following wire was credited today in the amount of USD: 9, 501 oo Transaction Ret 2e12gu25gp138598 Related Ref: ori2117S79117489 Sender’s Ret egi2gu26gena7800 Service Ref: 993954 Ima: 281 28u26B109282C993954p4260950F THI Originator: HIS MAJESTY KING MSWATI 111 1D: 6246637517491 P 0 BOX 15 LOBANBA ‘SZ/SHAZILAND Originator’s Bank: STANDARD BANK SWAZTLAND LTD 1D: SBICSZMK ‘STANBIC HOUSE ‘SWAZT PLAZA MBABANE, SZ Sending Bank: STANDARD CHARTERED BANK LIMITED 1D: 26062561 NEW YORK, NY Beneficiary: MC AFEE AND TAFT ESCROW ACCOUNT —— TD: 000OKKKE59 usa Payment Details SPECIAL ARTIFECTS N 87SG ATTENTION JUDY WEBB CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This fax transmittal is a confidential communication. IF ‘the reader of this mossage is not the intended recipient or an agent responsible For delivering it to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that you have received ‘this document in error and that any review, dissemination, distribution or copying of this transmittal 1s strictly pronibited. IF you have received this communication in error, please notify this office and immediately delete this message and all of its attachments, 1F any.