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Water DC Presentation

By: Leah Marcovici, Nathan Olson, Evvy Procell, and

Lindsey Cooper

Our Idea
We wanted to make a filter that not only got rid of physical
contamination but also chemical contamination. We did this
by using a sieve to filter out any dirt, sand, or physical
matter. Then, once the water had made it past that stage,
the tubes took it to the boil chamber, where it was heated
intensely to get rid of chemical matter. It is affected by
ultraviolet lights which are also in the chamber.
Ultraviolet lights are good at getting chemicals out of the
water. Then, the water leaves the boil chamber to go to
everyday people's lives. So as you can see, using science
our machine gets rid of physical and chemical contamination.

Scenario 4
water supply lines and water treatment plant. Annually, the treatment plant clean
storage tank needs to be tested and maintained by a specialist (diver). This year, as the
tank was being maintained, the specialist accidentally stirred up some of the sediment
that had settled to the bottom of the tank. This doesnt sound like a problem, but the
sediment can contain contaminants of a bacterial nature and can be harmful if
ingested. The Village of Deerfield acts quickly and orders a 10 day water boil order.
This is a huge inconvenience, but will keep the residents of this town safe. Invent a
mechanism for remediating the groundwater so it is drinkable/useable again.

Why is water filtration important ?

Water filtration is important because water is a vital
necessity to life. People need to it survive, and if we
didnt have clean water, we could get seriously ill. Many
people in 3rd world countries don't have access to clean
water, and they only have dirty water that exposes them to
diseases like cholera, salmonella, typhoid fever, hepatitis
A, and dysentery. Most of the illnesses listed are fatal,
meaning youll die of them. This is why it is so important
to have clean, filtered water.

What is a boil order?

A boil order is when the Public Works Department determines
that there is something hazardous in the water. So, they
send out an alert to the community telling them that they
need to boil their water to kill off the bad things in the
water. Sometimes, the bad material in the water can make you
very ill. By boiling the water, you will kill off anything
harmful in the water.

How we got rid of contaminants

In our prototype, we gave a design that could get rid of
physical and chemical contents in the water. We filtered out
the physical contamination (Ex: pebbles, mud, gravel, etc.).
Then we boil out the bad chemicals. This method of
filtration is very effective

How our design connects to the water cycle

Water can be contaminated in many different ways, some of
them from humans and some naturally occurring. Eventually,
in nature the water purifies itself again. But because of
humans, that becomes harder and harder for the earth
everyday. We came up with a design to help the water become
more clean, whether it be from the earth's chemical and
physical contamination, or ours.