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1. What do you thing about this video?

This video is very interesting because it allows us to think about the life
persepcion, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie tell us about her childhood since her
literary and personal experience. She teaches us that life not only has a
unique point of view. We must learn to see things from various forms. This
leads to fall into a serious error of perception an understanding. Its great tha
this article is applicable in various situations of everyday in our life.
2. What is a stereotype according to the video.
A stereotype is a cognitive shortcut that is, it allows your brain to make a
snap judgment based on immediately visible characteristics such as gender,
race, or age. Your brain is hardwired to make quick calls, and thats ok. The
problem comes when we start to apply those stereotypes beyond that
immediate impulse.
3. why do stereotypes are harmful?
Concerned to prevent each group member individually. Closed derive
expectations about behavior. They expect to be stereotyped group members to
behave in a certain way. They lead to erroneous assumptions that reinforce
social prejudices , creating a rift in the ways of seeing people .
4. How stereotypes can change peoples way of thinking?
Stereotypes can have a negative and positive impact on individuals.
Stereotypes are a big problem in our society. It puts labels about how a person
should act or live according to their sex, race, personality, and other facts.
5. Why is too dangerous to have just one story?

6. Give and example of two stereotipes about Colombia and support how it has
affected our culture.?
People born in "La Costa, Costeos clasificade are lazy, people born in
Medellin "paisas" that are bold, those born in Pasto "Pastuzo", which are very
silly, that people Santander are very bitter, etc. Constantly categorize people,
forgetting that we are all unamezcla of strengths and weaknesses. that not
everyone has such characteristics.