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Daniel Garcia

RWS 1301
Discourse Community Response
In this day and age writing is an essential skill that we should strive for, because it allows
us to communicate to others our feelings, ideas, and our arguments without having to physically
speak. The major idea that must come from our minds is knowing our audience that we are
writing for. We speak and write differently for each discourse community that we belong to.
Whether it be family, friends, school, and classmates, we write from a different point of view
using different language.
One discourse community that you could be a part of is family. To become part of a
family one must be born or married into. Normally a family consists of a mother, father, siblings,
aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. Most of the time when we communicate with our
family members we talk and write about everyday life. We express these thoughts by writing
letters, notes, post cards, birthday cards, and text messages. Depending which family member
you are writing to will influence your writing style, whether it is formal or informal. For example
if I were sending a text message to my brother using the informal abbreviated language it would
resemble this message, Can u PMU? This message actually means, Can you pick me up? A
certain situation you would use a formal writing style would be writing to senior members of the
family, such as grandparents. For example writing a birthday card to your grandmother would
look similar to this, Happy Birthday Mima! God bless you and have a wonderful and restful
day. Love, Daniel Although I use a nickname to represent my grandmother it is still a polite and
formal tone.

Another type of discourse community would be the friendships we have with other
people. To become a part of this community one must earn friendship. This community consists
of people who have earned your friendship. The reason we write to those within this community
is to communicate and discuss what has been going on in our lives. Topics of discussions include
everyday life, gossip, and current events. Normally when we write to friends in this discourse
community it is through either text message or social media. The type of convention used would
be informal as there is more of a relaxed demeanor. For example if I were to text one of my
friends it would look something like this, Sorry runnin a little late but im omw If this text was
written in a more formal sense it would read like this, Sorry, running a little late but Im on my
way. The certain language used in the first text is informal, but has a quick and more relaxed
Another type of discourse communities that we are a part of is school at a university. To
become a part of this community one must have accomplished certain steps, such as graduating
from high school, scoring high enough on a college placement test (ACT or SAT), applied to a
school, and being accepted. The purpose for writing in a university setting is to express ideas and
to learn in whatever field one is studying in. At the university level the different writings consist
of reports, essays, and notes that were taken during class. The types of topics that are written
range and depend on what courses you are taking. For example in biology you could be writing
lab reports, while in English you could be writing an essay about something you read. The type
of format for citations also depends on the type of course, such as science and math courses use
APA format, while English courses normally use MLA. Although the different courses have
different types of formats they must all be written in a formal tone. One example of the

specialized language at the university level would be vocabulary words such as idiosyncrasy,
virtual hard drive, C:Drive, binomial nomenclature, etc.
Writing is a part of our everyday lives and is a skill that we should all strive for. It is a
great way of communicating only if we know who our audience is that we are writing for,
because we use different types of specialized language for each different discourse community.
Some of the discourse communities would be family, friends, and school. It is important to know
which group that we are writing for, because every discourse community has its differences
whether we are writing an essay, typing a text message, taking notes etc. every community has a
different way of understanding a type of writing.