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Interdisciplinary Unit: Space

Language Arts


Calculate how much

it costs to launch a
space shuttle (research
and use addition and
multiplication to make
Use scientific notation to
represent the distance in
between planets
Calculate how much
students would weigh on
other planets by
substituting values into

Students will be working on their

persuasive writing skills.
o Forming arguments
o Using evidence
o Identifying opposing sides
Non-fiction read aloud about space
Practice speaking skills in partners to
prepare for presentation.


Characteristics, Orbits
of Each
The Lunar Eclipse
Black Holes
Stars, Comets and
Concept of Gravity

8th Grade


Create and design logos

for a company
Examine NASAs current
logo and construct a new

Social Studies

History of Space Exploration

o Galleleo, telescope
Explore History of NASA
o Astronauts
Social Implications and importance of Space
o Space Race of the 60s
o Exploring Mars for Colonization

Practice using online

research tools to search
for information
regarding space
Construct and type a
letter to NASA

Goal: The students will connect each content area to the concept of space to see how it relates to all fields of study.
1. The students will be able to use content knowledge to express the importance of space exploration.
2. The students will be able use research to help support an argument.
Big Ideas:
1. Importance of exploring space
2. Understanding the cosmos helps us understand more about ourselves
3. Constructing arguments
Essential Questions:
1. Why do we explore space?
2. How does exploring space help us understand more about ourselves?
3. Should we explore space?
Assessment: Students will be developing a persuasive argument on a possible budget for NASA through a
persuasive letter, website, etc. They will research different aspects involved in sending a rocket to space in order to
develop their plan. Students will use what they have learned in each content area to make a valid argument that
they will present to the class at the end of the unit. This project should demonstrate students understanding of
space exploration and its importance, while showing proof and support through the research being done. They
should be able to tie in information from what theyve learned in each of the content areas to this final project. The
students will work with the teachers to create a rubric in order to grade these final projects.
Big Event: Space Day! The students will go on a field trip to the Challenger Learning Center and experience a
space simulation that includes hands-on activities. These activities will help students understand space exploration,
learn team building skills, and help them understand the importance of space exploration. Students will write a paper
detailing their experiences following the event.