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B11 Miranda, Jerimiah Q.

10 Darwin

November 16, 2015

Activity Sheet

1. How does the play affect your nervous system?

During the play, all of my senses were stimulated. The lights, the sounds, the air, the message and
the food were some of the things stimulated my nervous system.

2. What part of the play gave the greatest impact in your subconscious mind?

The part of the play that gave the greatest impact to my subconscious mind was the part about the
person being judged if he/she is worthy to enter the kingdom of heaven.

3. Who among the actors sent various reactions to your system? Why?

The actor who portrayed Satan sent various reactions to my system. It is due to his voice and how
he acts that has different impacts depending on the character that he captures.

4. What neurotransmitters do you think were actively used in the said activity? Support your answer.

I think noradrenalin was actively used in the said activity. I think that it was actively used because
during the play, I was hungry and was kind of sleepy and then I was enlivened by their