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This competency is all about having a school vision. A school with no vision cannot
know where it is going or where it needs to go. I addressed this competency working
collaboratively with my administrators and teachers. Often I take everything on alone
and forget that there are several stakeholders involved in the process. My goal is to
work more collaboratively in order to help people feel like they are a part of the
decision making process.


This competency is about communicating and collaborating with all stakeholders

involved with the school community. All members must be included in the decisions
that are made in schools. An effective administrator takes all the opinions into
consideration and makes decisions based on them. Teachers and students are diverse
and have needs based on their background. Conflict will arise and principals have to
thrive in the mist of conflict and open the opportunities for it.


This competency encompasses integrity, fairness, and being ethical. This competency
simply states that a principal should do what is right morally. During internship and
taking the test, I have learned that this vital to being an effective principal. Actions
speak louder than words when valuing this competency. I addressed this competency
by reviewing and understanding the Code of Ethics for educators.


This competency is about facilitating the design and implementing the vision of the
campus. Teachers do not need a dictator, however, a facilitator is needed. Principals
have use creative and collaborative techniques to get all stakeholders involved. It is
the principals job to promote curriculum and welcome ideas from all. I have
addressed this competency by learning more about each grade levels curriculum
instead of just the grade I am teaching to better understand the alignment.


This competency directly related to competency 001 by focusing on how to implement

and evaluate the educational programs and vision. The focus is also nurturing and
making the campus feel like a family with all involved. I have addressed this
competency by using different assessments within my own classroom and learning
about the integration of technology. My goal is to learn how my campus principal has
built the family environment on my current campus in order to implement the same
strategies in the future.


Competency 006 is about the staff development and evaluation aspect of education. I
have addressed this competency by learning about the professional development
appraisal system in my district. I also have become more active in presenting staff
development on my campus. In the future, I will continue to grow as an educator by
never forgetting I am persistently growing and learning.


Competency 007 is about how to apply organizational, decision-making, and promote

problem solving skills to make sure a effective learning environment is present.
Collaboration is the key and I have applied this during Internship and my current
classroom. I have improved my problem solving skills by enlisting the help of the
paraprofessionals that are in my classroom. I plan to continue to empower my
learning team by discussion and taking their opinions into consideration when making
decisions about our students.


Competency 008 begins the topic of administrative leadership and discusses campus
budget, personnel, resource utilization, financial management, and technology use.
Goals must be set regarding budget and must be effective. This goes back to the
campus goals and vision. The budget is a major factor in the planning process and
also must be decided collaboratively. I learned to know where and what every cent is
spent on. It is important to have a person who is good with numbers on my
administrative team and to never misappropriate funds.


Competency 009 states that the principal knows how to apply principles of leadership
to the campus physical plant to ensure a safe and effective learning environment.
Safety and schools has usually been assumed, however, times have changed. Student
safety is the number one priority of any campus that educates. I have learned that it is
important to stay legal and calm in all situations. My goal is to learn to become calm
in various situations and not be rushed when making decisions and not base them on