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NGSS Lesson Planning Template

Grade/ Grade Band:

grade 2

Topic: habitats

Lesson # animal

Brief Lesson Description:

Students will recognize what kind of plants and animals who
lives in different habitat and how they were able to adapt.
Performance Expectation(s):
Students will be able to know different habitats and where do
plants and animals live.
Specific Learning Outcomes:
Students will be able to classify what animals can live every
habitat and how they adapt to the place they are living.
Narrative / Background Information
Prior Student Knowledge:
They already know different types of animals, plants and their
needs to survive.
Science &
observation and
information are
helpful in
thinking the
Collect relevant
knowledge that
will expound
more the lesson

Disciplinary Core
-Provide a key tool
Stability and
for understanding or
investigating more
Cause and
complex ideas and
solving problem.
Energy and
-relate to the
matter: flows,
interest and life
cycle and
experiences of

Possible Preconceptions/Misconceptions:
They may think that animals can live and survive in every place.


ENGAGE: Opening Activity Access Prior Learning / Stimulate
Interest / Generate Questions:

yes/no games I will use power point on this game. The slides moves
fast and keep changing the question. What the students need to do is to
tell me to stop the slides from moving and then I will say the question
in the slide and they have to answer yes or no by using the card they
have in hand.
EXPLORE: Lesson Description Materials Needed / Probing or
Clarifying Questions:
The students already started the unit lesson this week so I will
just review and make sure that they grasp or absorb the lesson
well. I will use power point that explains different animal habitat
using different pictures.
EXPLAIN: Concepts Explained and Vocabulary Defined:
I will expound more about the nature of different habitat and
how animals were able to survive and hunt food to sustain
themselves especially during the changing season.
Vocabulary: (habitat, forest, desert, wetland, ocean, rainforest,
savanna and arctic).
ELABORATE: Applications and Extensions:
I will give the student different activity (keeping them busy
thinking sharing the knowledge )
First activity for all the student individually work , matching the
animal with the place that habitats .

Give each group different habitat and they have to label the
animal picture in the paper then write a sentence of how the
animal live in order to survive in this area
Elaborate Further / Reflect: Enrichment:
I will ask each group to came up with two sentence , what they

have learned about habitat , give me an example of each .

I will give them a website Design a habitat
A black-footed ferret family needs a safe new home. Can you
design the perfect habitat for these endangered mammals?
This web telling a story then they have to design at home