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Rebecca Haws
English IV Honors
29 October 2015
Essential Question: How are both yoga and meditation benefiting?
Working Thesis: Yoga and meditation can help people by relieving their stress.
Refined Thesis: Practicing yoga and meditation benefits users by relieving stress. Therefore, it
may also work to cure more severe ailments.
Service Annotated Bibliography
Cruikshank, Tiffany. "Yoga REMEDIES." American Fitness 33.4 (2015): 52-53. Health Source Consumer Edition. Web. 29 Oct. 2015
Tiffany Cruikshanks article provides several different health benefits of practicing yoga.
Yoga can assist in many common symptoms including sleep disorders, headaches, and lower
back pains. For each of these conditions, Cruikshank suggests a yoga position that can be used to
cure or comfort any pains associated. She gives a detailed description on how to properly execute
the pose. In addition to this, the article also includes tips that will result in a more satisfying
outcome. The author also includes the reasons why the yoga pose may help solve the patients
illness. Yoga has a bountiful amount of positive aftereffects. These consist of relaxation,
releasing muscles, and stability.
Globus, Sheila. "What yoga can do for you." Current Health 2, a Weekly Reader publication
Sept. 200: 30. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 29 Oct. 2015.

Haws 2

In this article, Sheila Globus explains the reasons why yoga is beneficial. Firstly, she
begins with a brief background on yoga. The author ensures her readers that anyone can be
capable of preforming yoga and gaining its health benefits since it is uncomplicated and requires
little to no equipment. Globus continues by informing readers of the flexibility that can be gained
by practicing yoga. She includes quotes and advice from a yoga instructor, Holiday Johnson, in
order to strengthen her argument. Yoga is not only a profitable form of exercise, but can also help
clear a patients mind and connect it with the body. Shelia Globus also talks about how the deep
breathing involved with yoga can reduced stress because of the life-energy released with this
kind of breathing. The author concludes her article with valuable tips one can follow when
deciding to attempt yoga.
Kalb, Claudia. "Coping With Anxiety: Science shows that meditation, massage, yoga--even
laughter--can change bad habits in the brain." Newsweek 24 Feb. 2003: 50. Opposing
Viewpoints in Context. Web. 29 Oct. 2015.
Claudia Kalbs article focuses on stress and how different methods can help deal with it.
Stress is a major symptom of anxiety, along with headaches, sleeplessness, and a rapid heartbeat.
Stress often coincides with fear, which can speed up heartbeats and shorten breaths. To control
these breaths, yoga may be the remedy. Kalb explains how the deep breathing involved with
yoga and concentrating on different positions can clear your mind and give a more positive
outlook on the world. It will allow you to concentrate on the moment instead of worrying about
the past or future. The author also includes various studies from scientists who use the tactics of
yoga on stress-induced children.

Haws 3

Saral, Tulsi B., PhD. "Yoga." MagillS Medical Guide (Online Edition) (2014): Research
Starters. Web. 29 Oct. 2015.
The author of this article provides a thorough understanding of yoga. Tulsi Sara presents
a background on yoga and explains its origin in India, including different forms of yoga. Those
who commonly practice yoga have the ability to have full control of several different functions
of their body, including respiration, heart rate, and blood flow. Saral lists the health benefits of
practicing yoga and how this can lower stress levels. She also addresses the research being done
on yoga and the complications involved in this research. The research, however, is still highly
demanded since the popularity of alternative therapies is continuing to increase.
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68-70. Alt HealthWatch. Web. 29 Oct. 2015.
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massage have come into their own as accepted ways to improve health, fitness and
emotional well-being. A guide for the uninitiated." Newsweek 2 Dec. 2002: 74. Opposing
Viewpoints in Context. Web. 29 Oct. 2015.
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