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Name: Amanda Sweeney & Samantha Blair

Date: November 19, 2015

Inquiry Based Science Lesson Plan

Professor Sandy Pesavento
Please list the following content for the plan, including 6 Es.
Subject Area
Essential Question(s)

Title of the Lesson

Grade Level
Estimated Time
Summary of the Lesson

Materials Required

Academic Standards


The Digestive System/Nutrition

How can we use MyPlate to help us when
we are planning our breakfast? Lunch?
Our Digestive System & Our Nutrition
Third Grade
35-45 minutes
Students will be learning about the
Digestive System and the process food
goes through when being digested.
Students will also be learning about the
different nutrients we eat, and what a
healthy meal includes.
Kahoot It
Paper Plate
Food Group poster
Pictures of foods
10.1.3.B: Identify and know the
location and function of the major
body organs and systems: circulatory,
respiratory, muscular, skeletal, and
10.1.3.C: Explain the role of the food
guide pyramid in helping people eat a
healthy diet; food groups; number of
servings; variety of food and nutrients
SWBAT identify each part and
function of the digestive system
SWBAT distinguish the different
nutrients needed for a healthy diet
SWBAT create their own meal plan
using MyPlate



(Science Lesson Plan-Planning for

Inquiry-6E Model)

The Digestive System

Intestines (small & large)
Minerals & Water
BEFORE: As our anticipatory set, we
will be giving each student a cracker.
When directed, we will tell each
student to eat the cracker, and that we
are about to learn about the path that
cracker is in the process of taking, and
the nutrients that were just eaten.
(Engagement) We will be
developing student schema through
the use of Kahoot It on either IPhones
or IPads. Prior to beginning each slide,
students will be asked to answer a
question about the next slide, in order
for us to get an understanding of what
the students do/ do not know about
that topic as well as prepare them for
the upcoming material.
(Engagement, E-Learning)
DURING: Before beginning the
power point, the students will be
instructed to complete a vocabulary
worksheet as they follow along with
the lesson to encourage them to pay
attention, and keep them engaged.
(Exploration, Explanation,
Evaluation) The first part of the
lesson we will be teaching about The
Digestive System. We will be teaching
about the students about the organs
involved in the digestive process and


Adaptations or Accommodations

the path that food takes when being

digested. When we get to the portion
about the stomach, we will be
demonstrating an experiment with
saltines and soda, to show what
happens when food reaches the
stomach. (Elaboration) We will then
continue with the lesson and shortly
after begin the topic of Nutrition. We
will be teaching about the different
nutrients in the average diet. We will
then end the lesson with the topic area
of MyPlate, which is a way of
determining the components and
portions of a healthy diet.
AFTER: In closing our lesson, the
students will be asked to classify the
food group (corresponding to
MyPlate) that the pictures of food
their group has, in order to reinforce
MyPlate categories. (Explanation,
Elaboration) Each group will place
their picture on the poster board in
the correct spot. The students will be
creating their own meal plan for the
meal of their choice, given the
guidelines from MyPlate. In closing,
students will have the opportunity to
share the meals they have created with
the appropriate nutrients and portion
sizes, being corrected if needed.
Students will be assessed through the
Kahoot It questions, the worksheet which
will be corrected at the end of the lesson.
The students will also be assessed
through the MyPlate
We could provide a worksheet with a
word box to help students.

****You can write your procedures as you normally would. Use () and label each area
with the 6E Model.
Make sure to include the following:
Big Idea(s)-list big ideas conceptual questions that you will use to encourage and/or
focus students exploration throughout the lesson and the following 6 Es. by labeling

Describe how the teacher will capture students interest. The students
interest will be captured through the anticipatory set, as well as the Kahoot It
throughout the entire lesson.

What kind of questions should the students ask themselves after the
engagement? The students should be asking themselves what is the path that my food
is digested? What are the different organs involved? What nutrients are included in our
diets? What does a healthy diet include?

Describe what hands-on/minds-on activities students will be doing.

The hands on/ mind on activity that they will be doing includes the worksheet to follow
along with the slides, as well as the MyPlate activity at the end of the lesson.

List big idea conceptual questions the teacher will use to encourage
and/or focus students exploration. Where does the food travel when it is in the
process of being digested? What different nutrients do we consume in foods? What
makes up a healthy meal?

Student explanations should precede introduction of terms or

explanations by the teacher. What questions or techniques will the teacher
use to help students connect their exploration to the concept under
examination? Using the Kahoot It as well as the worksheet will help students connect
their exploration to the concepts. Also, having students in their groups classify the food
group their picture falls under reinforces the topic of MyPlate.

List higher order thinking questions, which teachers will use to solicit
student explanations and help them to justify their explanations: Which food
groups under MyPlate have more than one nutrient? What are some examples that you
have eaten?

Describe how students will develop a more sophisticated
understanding of the concept. Students will develop a more sophisticated
understanding of the concept by the experiment with the saltines, as well as the my plate

What vocabulary will be introduced and how will it connect to

students observations?
The Digestive System, Mouth, Esophagus, Stomach, Intestines (small & large),
Nutrition, Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals & Water

How is this knowledge applied in our daily lives? We use these organs
every single day when we eat, and we eat these nutrients everyday as well.

How will students demonstrate that they have achieved the lesson
objective? The students will complete the worksheet as well as explain the meals that
they have created in response to the MyPlate guidelines.

This should be embedded throughout the lesson as well as at the end

of the lesson

How will you infuse technology throughout the lesson to enhance

technological skills of the learners as they gather information, engage in
explorations, and explain and communicate findings? The students will be
asked to answer questions on Kahoot It using Iphones or Ipads. The purpose of this is to
keep students engaged, access their prior knowledge, incorporate technology into the
lesson and prepare students for the upcoming slides.