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EDU 2800 Computer Utilization

Deron Perkins

Fall Semester

Lesson Plan Assignment

1. Develop a lesson plan in your content area and grade level that includes the use
of at least one of the following technology tools (Word Processing, Spread Sheet,
Database and/or instructional software reviewed). Include the use of Internet
resources in your lesson plan.
Content of the Lesson Plan
Title : The Civil War
Grade : 11th Grade
Curriculum Areas Addressed : Social Studies/History
Curriculum Competency Objectives :
o Essential Standard Clarifying Objectives

3.01 Trace the economic, social, and political events from the
Mexican War to the outbreak of the Civil War.
3.02 Analyze and assess the causes of the Civil War.

3.03 Identify political and military turning points of the Civil War
and assess their significance to the outcome of the conflict.

3.04 Analyze the political, economic, and social impact of

Reconstruction on the nation and identify the reasons why
Reconstruction came to an end.
3.05 Evaluate the degree to which the Civil War and
Reconstruction proved to be a test of the supremacy of the national

Technology Competency Goals :

Essential Standard Clarifying Objectives


6.SI.1.1 Analyze resources in terms of their reliability (which can be

determined by currency, credibility, or authority, depending on the
topic or purpose)

EDU 2800 Computer Utilization


Deron Perkins

Fall Semester

6.SI.1.2 Analyze content for relevance to the assigned task.

o 6.SI.1 Analyze resources to determine their reliability, point of view,

bias, and relevance for particular topics and purposes.
o 6.SI.1.3 Analyze resources for point of view, bias, values, or intent
Technology Performance Objectives: Students will use the Internet in my
classroom as a study tool. They will use various websites such as encyclopedia
Britannica to find accurate information as well as use other websites such as to learn relevant information. will also be used often in
my classroom as an assessment tool for students.
Materials Needed: Computers, history books, and an open mind.
Time : 50 minutes
Prerequisite content Knowledge and skills: Students should know the basic
reasons for the beginning if the Civil War as well as have some background about
post Colonial America.
Prerequisite computer knowledge and skills :

Select and use appropriate technology tools to efficiently collect, analyze, and
display data.
Use databases to collect, record, analyze, and display data.
Use electronic resources for research.
Select and use technological tools for class assignments, projects, and
Adhere to Fair Use and Multimedia Copyright Guidelines, citing sources of
copyrighted materials in papers, projects, and multimedia presentations.

Internet Resource :

EDU 2800 Computer Utilization

Deron Perkins

Fall Semester

Teacher presentation: :

Review of previous relevant lesson (s) as well as any homework/test that

was previously assigned or passed back.


Statement of objective Teachers Input


Guided Practice


Study Game (Kahoot)


Independent practice test /assignment


Closure and evaluation (QNA)