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Kelsie Grover

Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215

(609) 703 - 2297
Stockton University
Expected graduation December 2015
Pomona, NJ
B.A. Environmental Studies - GPA 3.93
Relevant courses: Dendrology, Ecological Forest Management, Forest Measurements-Summer Intensive
Research, Freshwater Ecology, Introduction to LiDAR, Physical Geography, Biodiversity and Evolution,
Ecological Principles
Research Experience and Skills
Skills gained from coursework
Sept 2011-Current

Drafted protocol for vegetation regrowth study

Stockton University

Collected and identified stream macroinvertebrates to measure stream quality

Collaborated with other students to draft a comprehensive forest management plan

Possess plant and tree identification skills with a working knowledge of plant keys

Competent in point sampling techniques, determining stand density and basal area, and core aging

Able to use instruments such as Suunto clinometer, Haglf vertex hypsometer, Criterion laser, wedge
prism, diameter tape, angle gauge, calipers and more

Efficient in MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint

Experience using GIS ArcMap 10.2.2, Arc Catalog, and Quick Terrain Modeler

Able to read and use a topographic map and compass

Deer Exclosure Maintenance Technician
July 2015-Current

Required to use 4-wheel drive vehicle to reach field sites

Stockton University

Maintained exclosures used to determine the effects of deer

predation on forest regeneration in Wharton State Forest
Installed deer exclosures at Stockton University following a thin and clear cut
US Fish and Wildlife Service Intern
May 2015-Sept 2015

Conducted weekly water quality sampling using YSI equipment

Edwin B. Forsythe

Assisted with waterfowl breeding pair surveys to determine

National Wildlife Refuge
number of local nesting pairs

Able to identify over 100 species of Mid-Atlantic birds visually and/or aurally

Sampled and identified fish and crustaceans to determine salt marsh ecosystem integrity
Used Garmin GPS to locate sample points

Used transect sampling to compare changes in marsh vegetation along elevation gradients

Estimated percent cover for vegetation surveys

Recorded and entered data following QA/QC guidelines to ensure accuracy

Installed surface elevation tables for salt marsh accretion studies

Used a Trimble R8 unit to record highly accurate GPS points

Applied herbicide to control invasive Phragmites along refuge impoundments

Kelsie Grover
Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215
(609) 703 - 2297
Volunteer Work
Field Assistant
Sept 2015-Oct 2015
Familiar with safe capturing and handling of small mammals
Trapped, weighed, sexed, and tagged small mammals
Friends of Forsythe
Oct 2014-Sept 2015
Assisted visitors with bird identification and provided
general information about the refuge
Participated in outreach events to encourage public interest in
the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge
New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife
June 2015, Aug 2015
Worked with a team to capture and band Canada geese
Assisted with predawn trapping and banding of wood ducks
Performed daily duck trap baiting
Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey
Jan 2015-July 2015
Performed weekly observations of a nesting bald eagle pair
Monitored adult presence and assessed nest productivity until young fledged
New Jersey Wildlife Conservation Corps
May 2014
Conducted American woodcock singing ground surveys
Licenses and Certifications

National Safety Council Certified Defensive Driver

Federal Information System Security Awareness Certification

Sponsored by the Department of Interior

Cleared through Federal Background Check

Given upon request