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Tuesday, December 1, 2015.

Ms. Boveys Grade 7/8 News

Thanks to a number of Westport businesses, and your support, our class raised $1,000 at our
Turkey Bingo fundraiser on November 18th. Thank you to the students who volunteered
their time and the families and friends who came out to play Bingo in support of
our students! It was a fantastic night!

Homework will continue as

usual for the next couple of
weeks. Math, Writers Notebook entry, and the expectation that students are reading nightly. Remember that
reading a novel is not mandatorythe news, interesting blogs, magazine articles,
and any other reading material of interest to your child
is teacher approved! I just
want them engaged in reading, able to connect to their
reading, and to have valuable discussions about what
they are reading.
Please ensure that if your
child is going to be missing
school that they touch base
with me before (if possible)
so that I can give them the
work. Also note that a great
deal of learning happens
within our classroom daily
through our group work,
discussions, and interactive
activities. Your child can
miss a great deal in a single
day and it becomes very
difficult to catch up, especially as the missed days add

In Math, we have just finished working through the
Measurement strand. Grade
7s became masters at decomposing composite shapes
to find the area and grade
8s at finding the area of
circles. I have been very
impressed with their ever
increasing abilities to solve
some very complex problems. Their confidence is
definitely building! The
Measurement strand has

cy activities.
In Science, we are finally
wrapping up our unit on the
impact of humans on the
environment. Students have
been presenting their final
powerpoint projects to the
class wherein they researched an endangered
species, the main impact
that humans have on the
species endangerment, and
brainstormed possible solutions for helping the species

into our next strand, which

In Religion and Family Life

and I are also in the midst of

planning a Probability day
to take place in January. It
will be a fun and interactive
day of Math learning and
In Language we are continuing with the Historical fiction novel, Blood Brothers of
Lousibourg as a way of connecting our learning in History and a way of relating
our past to now. Students
have been working on writing personal narratives and
we will continue to work
through some Media Litera-

ent-teacher interview night

this Thursday, December 3 but
would still like to meet with
me, please give me a call at the
school or send me an e-mail. I
another time that works with

served as an excellent segue

let you know that Mrs. Lake

If you are unable to make par-

would be happy to arrange

to thrive and survive.

is Geometry. Im excited to

Home-School Connection:

students had the opportunity

to work together to create
an iMovie that teaches the
younger students within our
school about the Growth
Mindset. With a couple of
students taking on a leadership role within the classroom, each student was able
to participate in the creation
of the movie and it turned
out great! We presented it
yesterday at the Monday

morning assembly. I have

attached some parent information on the Growth

Mindsetways to encourage the development of this
mindset at home.

Please visit my website at

your schedule.
Math Homework Help:
Homework Help provides FREE,
live one-on-one tutoring from
Ontario teachers. Students can
ask their math questions during the chat room hours, Sunday-Thursday 5:30pm9:30pm. Please go to the following website:

home- Your child

will need their Ontario Education Number which you wil
find on their last report card.
Homework Club:
Mrs. Dodge runs homework
club nightly after school from
3pm-3:45pm. If you find that
your child is struggling with a
particular concept and you
would like me to review it with
them, I am happy to attend
homework club with them to
review/assist with homework.
Dec. 1: Mrs. Lake visits our class

Dec. 3: PJ & Inside Out movie day

(pm), Parent-Teacher Interviews

Dec. 8: Spartan Challenge at St.

John, Perth (all 7s and 8s).

Dec. 9: Our very own Madison

will be teaching us how to create

some beautiful Christmas cards.
Dec. 14: School-wide Mass at

Dec. 16: School-wide Christmas


Merry Christmas!

Enjoy your time with family &