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Jenna Fox
22498 155th Ave Welch, Minnesota USA
December 10, 2015

Mr. Frank Carle, Managing Director
ABCi - The Austrian Bilingual English Classroom Initiative
Brunnenweg 2, 4810 Gmunden, Austria
Dear Mr. Carle:
After researching TEFL teaching opportunities and finding the website for your
organization, positions at ABCi immediately caught my eye. ABCi places emphasis on
cultural exchange through a bilingual learning environment. With my bachelor's degree in
English/Secondary Education and experience with students of various grade levels, I have
the ability to become a dedicated member of your team. It would be my pleasure to
volunteer as an English Teacher with ABCi because of its commitment to provide Austrians
with interactive experiences with the English language!
I am a strong candidate for a teaching position with ABCi because I have experience
tutoring students in English as well as working in classrooms as a teacher's assistant. In
each experience, the range of student levels was diverse, and I planned lessons with a
variety of methods to meet their age and learning style. Lessons are planned around the
class as a whole while accommodations are then made for any individualized instruction
that needs to take place. Working with a variety of grade levels (kindergarten-college level)
opened my eyes to how learning is unique to each student. This will allow me to be flexible
for placement amongst different grade levels, wherever ABCi has a need. In addition, I
employ a hollistic approach to teaching. Students are involved in hands-on interactions
with language and text to develop literacy. I believe my role as a teacher is to help students
develop goals, build supportive/collaborative classroom communities, and provide
instruction through different modes (text, film, music, acting, artistic expression, etc.). For
example, I chose to enact a lesson on media literacy, a topic that affects many cultures. I
showed students visuals (posters, magazine and video clips) of different advertising
techniques across the world. During this time, the students and I discussed how the
advertising techniques impacts its viewers. After the lesson, the students had to create
their own advertisement using at least one advertisement technique. Students expressed
their knowledge through creativity; they could create a poster, digital presentation, or
video of their project advertisement. They could also choose to "act out" their

800 Florida Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20002-3695

My diverse experiences have connected me to people of all backgrounds, and I wish to

share my native language and culture with Austrians, while in return, learning theirs. I have
had the opportunity to travel to France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and China. I have
enjoyed each country, interacting with its culture and people.
Moreover, I have excellent verbal, listening and written communication skills in English as
a native speaker. In addition to being a native speaker, I am also fluent in American Sign
Language (ASL), which deepens my understanding of verbal and nonverbal
communication. I have also taken four years of German language classes while in high
school. Above all, I possess strong organization abilities, and I am enthusiastic and
committed towards my work and responsibilities. While in college, I balanced the
coursework of 7 classes (including 2 honors courses) with an internship at J.O. Wilson
Elementary School. Despite taking as many courses possible through my semesters at
Galludet University (often 6 or 7 courses at once), I have a high GPA, Dean's List standing,
and a place in the Gallaudet University Honors Program. I love to challenge myself in the
field of Education, and I want to bring this dedication to ABCi. I am very passionate about
teaching because I have witnessed student success when they expand their knowledge base
and accomplish difficult tasks. I have also seen how these achievements affect the students
emotionally and improve their self-esteem by making them happier individuals and active
contributors to their education, family and community life. My enclosed resume contains
more details about my qualifications and skills that suitably match your requirements. I am
confident that as teacher for ABCi, I could reach students with my passion for teaching and,
through creative and dedicated instruction, help them achieve their goals.
Thank you for your consideration. I have attached my resume, and you may contact me at I look forward to discussing with you my potential contributions
to ABCi. I look forward to getting to know more about ABCi.
Thank you in anticipation of considering my application.

Jenna Kaye Fox
English/Secondary Education Major
Gallaudet University '16
mobile: (651) 347-7416

Enclosure: Resum