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SWC B Ed Primary Practicum 7: MCT Formal Observation Report 1:

Date: 12th October 2015

Name of MST: Ms Heyam

Name of Student: Amna A

Name of MCT: Pauline Keith

Please ensure that the MCT has a copy of the lesson plan.
MCT Observation Number:
Number of students: 27
Grade: 3
Area of Focus: English in the Playground
Learning Outcomes:
Use number words to 100
Count to ten
Use words for playground objects
Use There are

Good, specific and achievable outcomes

Please add specific comments about the student teachers observed strengths relative to their area of focus
during this session and identify areas in which you feel further development is necessary.
OBSERVATION: AREA OF FOCUS English Language and Maths

Observed Strengths:

Excellent strategies for motivating students

Very good activities to get rid of excess energy
Excellent use of your presence to motivate
students and also to keep them in check
Very good point system excellent for motivation
Excellent eye contact and use of this for behaviour
Children were totally engaged
Confident, relaxed and positive attitude in class
Good use of facial expressions

Suggestions for further development:

Use facial expressions a bit more you have already

started to do this but this could be very useful for
you to develop
Planning when writing your lesson plan always
ask yourself if another teacher could teach your
lesson from your lesson plan

Please tick the boxes using the scale with 5 indicating the best possible performance during this lesson

Displays a high standard of professional

behaviour, which includes punctuality and
readiness for the session e.g. materials are
prepared and organized prior to start of the
Shows initiative and enthusiasm throughout the

Promotes a positive learning environment &

builds good rapport with the learners.


Incorporates appropriate differentiation to meet

the needs of the students-through activities,
questioning and/or learning styles.

Materials and resources for teaching are of high

quality and appropriate to the level of the
Formative and/or summative assessment
activities are included in the plan.

Comments or reasoning:

Amna, this is an area which you could

improve on. We can discuss this in
class but generally you need to do a
more detailed lesson plan and to plan
for assessment of learning.

Maintains student engagement throughout the

Provides clear and effective instructions/models/
demonstrations of classroom tasks

Uses accurate and appropriate language,
effective questioning & elicitation techniques.

Provides a lesson plan, which includes all the

required information and has clear and explicit
learning outcomes.
Shows a student-centered focus in the lesson

Implementing and Managing Learning

Comments or reasoning:
Amna, this was a very balanced and
positive lesson demonstrating how
well you have learned at Ajman
Academy. I was very happy to see
you apply the strategies you learnt
there and how see how well they
worked well done

Planning for Learning

Establishes and maintains clear and consistent

rules & routines.
Maintains an appropriate pace to challenge and
motivate the students.

Uses a range of teaching strategies to challenge

students and promote independence.

Manages lesson time effectively.

Comments or reasoning:

Amna, this is where you are most

effective in the classroom. You are very
good at managing the lesson and will
only improve from now on.

Monitoring and Assessment

Monitors student progress and collects and uses

student data to inform teaching during the

Comments or reasoning:

Amna, I have not completed this part

as it is not required for now.
However, you should start thinking
about how you would do this.

Provides ongoing feedback to students to

enhance learning during the session.
Uses formative and summative assessment
instruments such as checklists, grading scales,
rubrics, tests and projects etc. to evaluate
students performance.

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