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North American University

Education Department
M.Ed. in EDLE & CUIN
Name: Rasim Damirov

Date: 11/1/2015

Topic Selected: Topic 3: What does the research say about advantages and

disadvantages of distance education?

What does the literature/research say about this issue/topic? By using NAU
Library or Online Search engines, conduct a literature review.

You need to include 5 different sources (book, journal article, web article
etc.) in your review. Try to use current sources as much as possible.

You need to summarize and synthesize your sources by discussing a

common theme or issue.

You don't need to critique your sources

You don't need to evaluate your sources (if the sources are trustworthy,
weather the author has a bias or not)

You need to provide background information such as history and


Brief Literature Review:

Distance education is not a new concept. In 1836, the University of London had a
distance education program; in 1874, Illinois Wesleyan University offered graduate and
undergraduate degree programs via correspondence courses. For many years, these types
of programs have relied on mail, telephone and television. The advent of email and the
Internet have provided new ways to deliver course content. As technology continues to
evolve, more-advanced delivery methods and concepts will likely emerge. (Fender, D.
L. 1999)
If administrators and educators opt to use distance education than other problems such as
time and place constraints for the students, scheduling complexity, discipline, extra cost
and training for different institutions should be addressed. Some other problems that exist
when implementing distance education are the following: language barrier, lack of
socialization, different learning style, maintaining quality of content, program evaluation
and research, and administrative support. Scheduling is a challenging part of distance
education. There has to be a well-organized coordination between all sites. Advance
knowledge of the use of the network system is required.
Discipline is an encompassing concept because if it is not achieved, the whole class
suffers from the lack of discipline attained. Some students may suffer frustration and
anger. First, misbehaviors such as being late, missing class, inappropriate discussion, or

class disruption need to be identified prior to any corrective action.

When language barriers exist, it is especially necessary for the instructor to enunciate the
words and speak clearly and loudly. Those who speak different languages may have
different learning styles. ( Motamedi, V. 1999))
Although research has shown that "no significant difference" exists between the
outcomes of distance and traditional learning, research has shown a variety in student
attitudes and satisfaction levels. Student attitude and satisfaction are important because
the overall learning experience greatly affects the total learning that occurs ((Fender, D.
L. 1999))
In the United States, we are faced with the prospect of retraining 50 125 3 1996 ASCUE
Proceedings million workers, and corporate America is using distance learning for all
aspects of internal and external training. Because of technology, geographic barriers, no
longer exist; a competing college or university from across the country can deliver a "best
in class" educational program which attracts your students in your own "backyard" via
technology. (Pollack, T. A. 1996)
With distance learning courses, students can complete their course work from just about
anywhere, provided theres a computer and an internet connection. Taking a course
online can be one way to cut down on costly gas or public transportation. Even if you
live in a community with few or no college distance learning allows you to choose from a
wide variety of schools to complete your education. Prices for online courses are
generally cheaper than their on-campus counterparts and you wont have to worry about
commuting, moving or getting meal plans on campus, some additional benefits of
learning from home. As distance learning can usually be completed on your own
schedule, it is much easier to complete distance learning courses while working than
more traditional educational programs.
Same time distance learning has some disadvantages. If the classroom environment is
what you love most about learning you may want to take a step back and reconsider
distance learning. Youll likely get some interaction on chat rooms, discussion boards and
through email, but the experience will be quite different than traditional courses. While a
majority of employers will, there are some who still see a stigma attached to distance
learning. If youve never been one to love working with technology you will probably
get a lot less out of an online course than your more tech-savvy counterparts. It makes
sense that more practical majors like nursing arent offered entirely online, after all, part
of the degree is learning to work directly with patients.
There's less face-to-face interaction time between peers and between teacher and
students. Also, students do not have recess time to socialize and play. There's a lack of
time to develop appropriate social skills. No face-to-face meeting for interactions among
peers and with teacher in different settings. There's less physical activity. It means not
getting up to do scaffolding activities or activities that are geared for the kinesthetic
learners. Students may not have the necessary resources and skills (typing, equipment,
software, etc.) at home.

What is your personal opinion on this issue? Do you agree with the
research? If you agree or disagree, please explain why?
Provide examples/experiences regarding this issue from school
perspective or If you are not working in a school, from your profession. Be

specific with your examples. You can mention software/hardware names,

specific methods that you plan to use, etc.
How would you implement this research in your career? (At least 1


In generally according to researches distance education has very advantages to students,

teachers, parents and finally economy.
Students have the chance to work and study same time. They dont have to spend time
and money for accommodation and for traveling. And same time they dont have the
stress of being on time in classes.
Teachers more relaxed in distance education. They post their assignments in their best
Parents get the advantages of distance education. They dont have to send their kids to so
far places and they dont have to pay extra monies.
Additionally, government takes bigger benefits of distance education. I`m the best
example of that. Right now I`m a teacher and same time I do master in Educational
Leadership. Most of my classes are online. By having online classes I can do my job, I
can teach. I dont skip my classes because of the master.

Cite at least 5 References in APA.

You may use for citing
your sources in APA style.

1. Fender, D. L. (1999). Distance Education. Professional Safety, 44(10), 26.
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