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Math 8
2015-2016 School Year


Alison Fell/Scott Jensen

485-2400 ext. 173

!Course Material

Required: 3 ring binder, loose-leaf notebook paper, graph paper, 4 pencils (at least), pencil sharpener, 2 red pens, a
highlighter, a whiteboard marker with a cloth for erasing and a compass. Colored pencils can be useful, but are not
required. A composition book will be provided for notes. The binder should have dividers for homework, classwork and
quizzes. Organization and preparedness are essential to success. Please check, periodically, that your student has all
supplies and is keeping the binder organized. All supplies are due on Monday, August 24th.

!Text: Big Ideas Course 3

!Course Objective

In grade 8, instructional time should focus on three critical areas: (1) formulating and reasoning about expressions and
equations, including modeling an association in bivariate data with a linear equation, and solving linear equations and
systems of linear equations; (2) grasping the concept of a function and using functions to describe quantitative
relationships; (3) analyzing two- and three-dimensional space and figures using distance, angle, similarity, and
congruence, and understanding and applying the Pythagorean Theorem.

!General Expectations

Students are expected to be on time and ready to work when they enter the classroom. This means that when the bell
rings the student is in his/her seat, all materials are on the desk, and attention is being given to the first activity of the day.
Learning is facilitated by attentiveness, good work habits and courteous behavior. All students in this class must follow
the rules that promote a respectful classroom culture.

!Grading Policies

Grades are based on the percentage of total points accumulated through quizzes, projects/investigations and homework.
Quizzes/tests constitute 70% of a students grade. There will be a midyear and end of year cumulative final.

!Homework Policy



Homework will be assigned every class period. It is designed to give the student an opportunity to apply and
practice concepts learned in class.
For homework to be considered complete, it must:
a. be neatly written in pencil
b. include a title (page and problem numbers)
c. have the original problem written
d. have all calculations shown
e. have question marks written next to problems which need further explanation

Full credit is given for homework that is complete and on time.

If a student needs extra time for an assignment, please bring in a note. Late work due to absences is accepted for
full credit if it is done in a timely manner.

!Absentee Policy

It is a students responsibility to pick up any missed handouts. Extra copies of handouts are always available in a crate
underneath the windows. All assignments are written on the board and recorded on our online information system. It is
the students responsibility to check with a classmate to get missed notes. Work should be turned in within the week
following the return to school.

!Special Help-Conferencing

Ask questions! If that isnt enough, the three Math 8 teachers will each be available one day after school. Students may
get help from 2:30 3:30 according to the following schedule.

!Monday: Ms. Shakeshaft, room 75

Tuesday: Ms. Fell, room 73
Wednesday: Mr. Kozuki, room 72