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Lesson Plan Form

Post Lesson Reflection

1. To what extent were lesson objectives achieved?
After going through the worksheets, the majority of the students finished or came close
to finishing their Webquests. For the most part, they recognized and used the travelrelated vocabulary that we had gone over. You can also tell that they correctly used the
French travel websites to find the information that they needed in order to plan their
trip. Thus, the lesson objectives were achieved.
2. What changes, omissions, or additions to the lesson would you make if you were to
teach again?
I would omit the Exit Ticket at the end and just use their completed Webquests as their
Exit Ticket. There was not enough time in the class period to do a separate Exit Ticket. I
would also do more modeling on how to use the websites that I gave them to use. There
were some confusing parts of the websites that could have been cleared up by going
over them more fully before letting them start the Webquest.
3. What do you envision for the next lesson?
For the next lesson, I would give back their Webquest worksheets and have them go a
bit further with it. I would have them take the information that they researched and do
a writing assignment where they write as if they have already gone on the trip. This
would require them to practice using the pass compos and the imparfait as well as
writing a story with the information that they found.

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