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Les vacances aux pays francophone

Purpose: to make students capable of communicating about traveling and planning a trip
90 min
Materials: Smartboard, Webquest handout, Vocabulary handout, laptops

Ask students questions about vacations:
- Where have they been?
- Anywhere exotic?
- What are the steps we normally take to plan a trip?
- What kind of vocabulary would we need to plan a trip?
1. Anticipatory Set: Asking students questions activating prior knowledge (3-4 min
2. Vocabulary Presentation: present the vocab and have students fill out and follow along
on the worksheet (25-30 min teacher input)
3. Les Pays Francophones presentations: show the 3 presentations on different
francophone countries and have students fill out the appropriate information on each
country on their worksheet (10-15 min teacher input/individual)
4. Les vacances de printemps Webquest project:
- Show example of a completed Webquest that I did for a different country to show
students what we are expecting (4 min - modeling)
- Have students work on their Webquest for their chosen francophone country (30-45
min/rest of class period group/individual)
Exit Ticket: Write on a piece of paper what Francophone country they chose and why
To modify: Allow the student to write down phrases or single word answers instead of
complete sentences
To extend: Have the student use the SNCF website to find train tickets to different parts of
the country they chose. They can create a more detailed agenda of their trip.
Webquest: Completion of the research and the worksheet in complete sentences (use of
travel-related vocab)
Exit Ticket: Complete sentences and thought-out explanation
Walking the room: Students on-task, using French websites to complete the Webquest

Colorado State University College of Applied Human Sciences

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