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Powerpoint Presentation



Personal Narrative Presentation

Leah Mendoza
Students will write a personal narrative about
themselves and create and informative
PowerPoint presentation to share with the
class about their narrative.
State: Conventions of Standard English- 2.
Demonstrate command of the conventions of
standard English capitalization, punctuation,
and spelling when writing.
1. Capitalize holidays, product names,
and geographic names.
2. Use commas in greetings and closings
of letters.
3. Use an apostrophe to form
contractions and frequently occurring
4. Generalize learned spelling patterns
when writing words (e.g., cage
badge; boy boil).
d. Consult reference materials, including
beginning dictionaries, as needed to check
and correct spellings.
Text Types and Purposes- 1. Write opinion
pieces in which they introduce the topic or
book they are writing about, state an opinion,
supply reasons that support the opinion, use
linking words (e.g., because, and, also) to
connect opinion and reasons, and provide a
concluding statement or section. 2. Write
informative/explanatory texts in which they
introduce a topic, use facts and definitions to
develop points, and provide a concluding
statement or section.
3. Write narratives in which they recount a
well-elaborated event or short sequence of
events, include details to describe actions,
thoughts, and feelings, use temporal words to

signal event order, and provide a sense of

INTS (Students): Creativity and InnovationStudents demonstrate creative thinking,
construct knowledge, and develop innovative
products and processes using technology.
a. Apply existing knowledge to generate
new ideas, products, or processes
b. Create original works as a means of
personal or group expression
c. Use models and simulations to explore
complex systems and issues
d. Identify trends and forecast possibilities
Research and Information Fluency- Students
apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use
a. Plan strategies to guide inquiry
b. Locate, organize, analyze, evaluate,
synthesize, and ethically use information from
a variety of sources and media
d. Process data and report results
INTS (Teachers): Design and Develop
Digital Age Learning Experiences and
Teachers design, develop, and evaluate
authentic learning experiences and assessment
incorporating contemporary tools and
resources to maximize content learning in
context and to develop the knowledge, skills,
and attitudes identified in the NETSS. a.
Design or adapt relevant learning experiences
that incorporate digital tools and resources to
promote student learning and creativity b.
Develop technology-enriched learning
environments that enable all students to
pursue their individual curiosities and
become active participants in setting their
own educational goals, managing their
own learning, and assessing their own
progress c. Customize and personalize
learning activities to address students diverse




learning styles, working strategies, and

abilities using digital tools and resources d.
Provide students with multiple and varied
formative and summative assessments aligned
with content and technology standards and
use resulting data to inform learning and
Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and
Teachers understand local and global
societal issues and responsibilities in an
evolving digital culture and exhibit legal and
ethical behavior in their professional practices
a. Advocate, model, and teach safe, legal, and
ethical use of digital information and
technology, including respect for copyright,
intellectual property, and the appropriate
documentation of sources.
Students will write a personal narrative and
create a PowerPoint presentation with added
effects to coincide with their narrative.
Students will
-write their personal narrative about an
event in their life.
-create a PowerPoint with added effects
such as music, clip art, picture, etc.
-Students will use correct grammar,
formatting, and sequencing throughout their
PowerPoint presentation.
Lesson 1-Students will brainstorm for their
narrative and their presentation.
Lesson 2-Students will write their first draft
of the narrative.
Lesson 3-Students will edit and correct their
Lesson 4- Students will create the final draft
of their narrative and begin on their
Lesson 5-Students will continue working on
their presentation.
Lesson 6-Students will share their





-Internet Access
-Personal Narrative
I will share my own personal narrative about
becoming a teacher. I will share my
PowerPoint presentation made that shares my
expectations about being in second grade as
well. I will then go over formatting and tips
about utilizing the PowerPoint Software.
The lessons will begin with teaching the
expectations about a personal narrative. I will
share my personal narrative about becoming a
teacher. I will share my own PowerPoint that I
created to go along with my narrative.
Students will share their PowerPoint
presentations with a new friend from another
class. They will also share their narratives.
Students will then answer a series of
questions about their new friends.