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I love teaching and I knew this would be my chosen profession.

philosophy of teaching is based on many different beliefs. I believe
that teachers are facilitators of learning, and personal growth. I believe
that children can, need and want to learn. As a teacher, I will facilitate
learning by incorporating different theories of learning, methods and
techniques in my classroom. I strongly feel that learning is one of the
most important things one will ever do in life.
I believe that teachers should be role models, both professionally and
morally. Teaching is not a job, but a responsibility. A teacher should be
held accountable for their students. Children look to teachers for
learning, support, and encouragement. Teachers are looked up to, and
held in high regards from their students.
I believe it is important for teachers to have an open line of
communication with families. Parents should be informed of their
childs behavior and progress on a regular basis. I also believe that
concerns should be addressed immediately.
I want to teach younger children because the younger years are critical
in their growth and development. I want to help children develop a love
for themselves, their community, and learning. I understand that each
child is an individual. I will strive to meet the needs of each individual
I believe that classroom management is critical in any successful
classroom. Rules should be established from day one, and enforced
consistently through the schoolyear. Successful management of the
classroom provides children with expectations, routines, and discipline
plans. Establishing all these things from the beginning will help to
make the classroom a positive learning environment.
I will strive to make my classroom a safe, comfortable learning
environment for all students.
I believe the most effective learning theory is constructivism.
Students bring past experiences and cultural factors into their learning
experience. As a teacher, I will be building on childrens prior
knowledge. Key concepts for this theory include assimilation and
accommodation. Assimilation causes individuals to incorporate new
experiences into old experiences. In doing so, perceptions may
change. Accommodation is thinking that the world should operate a
certain way- and when it doesnt, accommodating expectations to
I believe that peer interaction is essential in the learning process as
well. Children really relate to their peers. Some share the same beliefs
or have had the same experiences.
It is important to be educated in multicultural education. Children
come from many different backgrounds. I feel it is important to have a

diverse group of children. In doing so, the teacher and students will be
educated in the individual differences.
Promoting diversity is important. There are many different ways to
promote diversity. Some examples of ways to do this are to go out
into the community, walk around neighborhood, visit parents work or
school, visit community resources, have field trips, pair with a senior
center, or have class speakers.
I believe that a teacher is one of the most important people in a childs
life. I will strive to be the best teacher I can be. I will foster a loving,
caring learning environment where my students are learning through
assessment, and peer interaction.