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American Indian Movement

The American Indian Movement existed for 500 years before being given a
proper name. The movement formally began in Minneapolis, Minnesota during
the summer of 1968 under the direction of Native American community activists
Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, Eddie Benton Banai, and George Mitchell. The
event which triggered the movements official commencement was a meeting
with 200 people from the Indian community who were frustrated by decades of
The intention of the AIM was to help American Indians who had been subjected
to living in urban ghettos and forced away from reservations due to government
The American Indian Movement has supported many of the Oglala Sioux and
other American Indians in relation to avoiding contact with the criminal justice
They successfully implemented a AIM patrol in Minneapolis to address issues of
extensive police brutality and over policing in Indian communities and
reservations. The movement also established a legal rights centre in 1970 to
assist in alleviating legal issues facing Indian people (
which in 1994 provided legal representation to over 1900 American Indians. AIM
further established the first adult education program for American Indian
offenders, which served as a model in other facilities outside Minnesota.