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Nadia Williams

ITEC 7445
AT Module-Post Reflection
Summer 2014


What should teachers know about assistive technology and how it is used by
students with disabilities?

Teacher should be aware of how assistive technology will fit within their classrooms.
One way in which they can create a connection to the student utilizing that
technology is to have them teach the teacher about their technology. They can
also, in turn, teach their classmates about it too. By eliminating any odd issues or
feelings of discomfort that may exist around the technology, all parties will be able
to feel more comfortable with how it is truly assistive.
Post Reflection: I still find that I feel very similarly to my initial thoughts ring true.
Teachers must work to become knowledgeable about assistive technologies that are
being used by their students.


What are the school's responsibilities regarding assistive technology?

Schools must be sure to asses whether students meeting certain criteria are in need
of assistive technology. Thereafter, they must work to evaluate what technologies
would meet the needs of the student in question and support that students need.
Furthermore the school should work to get the parent(s) involved in this process to
help advocate for the childs needs.
Post Reflection: It is important that school is such an environment where assistive
technologies can be used unencumbered and that they are beneficial to the
student. Furthermore, the teachers and parents should have a regular conversation
going about how the technology is benefitting the student in class.


What can classroom teachers do to help their students fully succeed in their
use of assistive technology?

Classroom teachers can, as was stated in #1, make the assistive technology a
welcome part of the classroom. They can also take the time to learn how it works
so that they can be of benefit to the student beyond just academics. In the teacher
becoming familiar with the technology, the students will be able to form a better
connection with the content as the teacher will be able to help guide them toward
those connections while understanding their disabilities and how the assistive
technology provides said assistance.
Post Reflection: Classroom teachers are the ones who set the tone for the
classroom and students must be made to feel comfortable, especially if they are a

student with a disability. Teachers must be sure to keep an open dialogue with
their students parents about their progress, especially where assistive technologies
are concerned.