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(EDT) Year 4,
Semester 2
Teaching Practice 4b Internship 2015

Name of Student: Sumayya Abdulla


Course: EPC

Year: Four

Name of School: Um Al Dardaa

Mentoring College Teacher: Allan Mutambo
Date and Time: October 5, 2015

Competency A Professionalism and Understanding:

You continue demonstrating very satisfactory professionalism. The rapport
you have established with the learners, your MST and the school
administration continues to serve you very well.

Category B Planning for Learning:

A very satisfactory lesson plan was forwarded before the lesson. The content
was appropriate for the level of the class and in line with the curriculum and
pacing guide. The statement of objectives was satisfactory but could use
some fine tuning by rephrasing the second and third statements. What is
more, you might want to re-edit the document to clean out grammatical
errors and ensure that the MST is the Mentor School Teacher - not the college
teacher (MCT).

Category C Implementing and Managing Learning:

The students trooped in on time and were promptly engaged in a roll call with name lollipops and quick review of classroom rules and procedures. Then
the students were assigned to groups to complete a warm-up activity to preempt the lesson objectives. The class discussion of the lesson objectives
worked very well indeed. Then the students working in groups were given a
task to complete a worksheet relating to each learning objective - complete
the worksheet task based on info presented in a video playback with specific
instruction. The students worked very enthusiastically and were able to
complete the task very satisfactorily. Allowing for students to demonstrate
mastery of the three learning objectives worked splendidly. There was
evidence of creativity beyond the requirements of the set task. Finally, the
students had to complete an individual task for reinforcement. To wrap things
up the students were given sticky notes to write a tweet about what they had
learned during the lesson.


Semester 2
Teaching Practice 4b Internship 2015

Category D Monitoring and Assessment of Learning:

You continue to use Q & A very efficiently to elicit desired information and
track comprehension. You also continue to do very well providing scaffolding
to the learners during activities.

Category E Reflection:
You continue to engage in very satisfactory self-evaluation. Your reflections
were spot on and you demonstrated critical self- appraisal.

Strengths of the Lesson:

The main strengths of this lesson were: Excellent rapport with the students,
student engagement, and quality of the teaching aids.
Areas for Development:
Ensure that you model correct use of English in language presented to the
class in English. For example - framing questions: "What do you learn?"; "How
the lesson is useful?"
Focus for next lesson:
Continue providing more opportunities for the students to apply learning
through authentic practice.

Signed: _______________________________

MCT: Allan Mutambo

Date: October 5, 2015