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CEPT Lesson Plan CP - Planning for Student

Name: Hunter Dickson
AF Name: Mr. Dobbs

Date of Lesson : 11/17/2015

Class Period/Subject: ISS 1st, 2nd,
and 4th period
Contextual Factors (Write in paragraph format)
Within the classes that I am teaching this lesson, several students have
different learning preferences. Also six students have IEPs in the first period
class, three students have LEPs in the 2nd period class, and one student on a
504 plan in the fourth period class. All of the classes are predominantly white
and are split evenly between male and females. 2nd period also has two
Hispanic students. Around half of first and fourth periods students scored
well below where they should be on the STAR reading test, thus many of the
students in these class periods have low reading ability levels.
The lesson provided below addresses the needs of students in all three class
periods as it pertains to their personal lives and allows them to share their
own answers. This will be accomplished by giving the students the ability to
pick where they would like to live and justify their answer with their own
responses. This helps as the students stay interested and engaged in the
lesson. For the students with LEPs in the second period class and the
students who have a low reading level, the questions are read aloud to them
after they receive the organizers. This helps the students understand what to
complete on the organizer in the given time as they receive given the
instructions orally and in writing.
Standard: SS-HS-4.3.1 - Students will describe movement and settlement
patterns in the modern world.
Objective #1: Students will distinguish reasons people throughout the world
are involved in the theme of movement within geography.
Learning Target: Students will be able to understand and apply the theme of
movement within geography.
Blooms Level: Applying Students will be asked to apply their previous
knowledge in determining where they would like to move to and reasons for
Strategy/Activity: Students will complete an organizer that asks where they
would like to move anywhere within the United States. They will then
brainstorm the disadvantages of moving to the location that they picked by
writing them down on the organizer. They will then be asked to brainstorm
several reasons why people may move not only within the United States but
all over the world. This entire activity will relate the theme of movement
back to the students as they must relate the advantages and disadvantages

of moving back to themselves, something that most high school freshman

have not considered. This is important as it allows for the information to be
relevant but interesting.
Formative Assessment/Scoring tool: Collaborative Summary will be used as
the formative assessment in this lesson. The collaborative summary will be
used at the end of class and it will ask the students, in their own words, what
the main idea of the lesson seemed to be. Once they answer this they share
what they had with one partner sitting beside them and write down what
they thought the main idea seemed to be. The student will then summarize
both their answer and the answer their partner had. This will be taken up to
ensure the students met the learning target and returned later for their use
in studying for the subject later. Using this tool allows the students to identify
what they found was the main idea of the lesson and be able to gain insight
from their fellow classmates as well.
Bell work/Lesson Hook: ( 5 minutes)
Bell ringer What are the five themes of geography? Asking this prepares
students for the upcoming lesson as the theme of movement, which is one of
the five themes the bell ringer is referencing, is the topic of this lesson.
Hook Everyone sitting here today, whether you know it or not, is on their
way to adulthood. As you go through high school you will find you gain more
responsibilities and freedoms until you finally graduate and you get to decide
what to do with your lives. One major part of this is deciding where you want
to live, so today you will think about this and answer this question, if you can
live anywhere in the U.S., where would it be and why? Many high school
students do not consider their life after graduating and this lesson will be
important as you will consider this important step that will be occurring

Bridge/Learning Target: ( 2 minutes )

I can apply the major themes and concepts within the theme of
movement and make them relevant to myself.
Strategy/Activity #1 ( 5 minutes )

Students will work on an organizer handed out and brainstorm ideas why they
may want to move to a certain location and what disadvantages they may
face because they moved. Students may work with a partner sitting beside
them to share ideas on why they move.

Strategy/Activity #2 ( 30 Minutes )

The class will be brought together and the students will be allowed to
give their answers to the class. As they give their answer they will be
asked to come up to the board and write it on the board. Once a
location has been picked, the same student who gave the location can
give their own reasons for moving to the given location and the
disadvantages of moving. The answers will be written as a chart with
the location on the left, and a column for advantages and
disadvantages placed to the right. The entire class then will be allowed
to give their insight and supply anymore reasons to put on the board.
During this section the 20/80 rule will be followed as the students will
be writing their answers on the board and only the students responses
will be marked. (HOT question: What are some reasons people move
within the U.S.?)
Following the class discussion regarding where they would like to move
to and why, several world maps will be shown showing migration
patterns and trading routes throughout the world. They are listed
Students will be asked to analyze these maps and come up with
hypotheses surrounding them. For instance, one map is the 2010 U.S.
census, which shows a shift from northern states to southern states
(HOT question: Why may people be moving from major industrial cities
in the north and going to the south?) The students will find this
information by analyzing the maps and brainstorm reasons why this
may be occurring. In analyzing these maps the students will then
relate the reasons people move back to their own responses. This will
be done to keep the information relevant to their own lives. Students
will also be asked what other ideas fit in with the theme of movement.
These will be gathered from the maps that are shown or from their
prior knowledge. (HOT question: How does your use of technology play
into the theme of movement?)


( 10 minutes )

In reality many people across the world do not get to pick where they live
and instead are forced out of their homes. Many of the reasons we came up
with for moving are still applicable for many people; however, factors such as
war or disease, which do not affect directly in the U.S. are major reasons
people move.
The collaborative summary is then handed out to the class. The students are
tasked with coming up with the major points of the lesson and the theme of
geography and sharing their answers with a partner. Once these are taken up
the students will be asked once again to share what they thought the main

ideas were.
Reminder of Learning Target: I can apply the major themes and concepts
within the theme of movement and make them relevant to myself.

HOT Questions: What is arguably the most important invention to aid

the spread of ideas? Why may people be moving from major industrial
cities in the north and going to the south? What is the number one reason
people move within the U.S.? How does your use of technology play into
the theme of movement?

BEFORE: Pacing and teaching within the given time period may be a major
issue as the lesson is student centered, and thus its the students who will
supply the discussion to the class. This is a problem as the discussion may
stall and students may provide short answers with little reasoning. In this
case the actual discussion may be much shorter than intended. Going along
these same lines, a challenge to keep the lesson within the given times listed
may be an issue as the discussion may last longer than intended. In this case
the assessment will become rushed.

Five Themes of Geography Organizer

Imagine you are given the chance to move
anywhere within the United States, where
would you move to?

Why did you pick this location? What are

reasons other people may move to the location
you picked?

What may be the downsides of moving to the

location you picked?

Collaborative Summary
Topic: _________________________________
My Key Ideas:
Our Key Ideas
Partners Key Ideas:

Collaborative Summary