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DeDora 1

Kaitlin DeDora
UWRT 1103-006
December 8, 2015
Critical Analysis

This semester has taught me a lot, specifically about broadening my thinking and opening
my mind up to new ideas. When we were assigned our research projects, we all began with our
proposals. I had never done one of these before, this class has definitely provided me with a lot
of firsts. I began this proposal with one blank sheet of paper, I had no clue what to do. After
the day in class where we presented our ideas and had the class help us create questions, my
ideas began to flow a little easier. For my proposal, I decided that the identity I was going to
choose would be transgenderism due to the fact I knew close to nothing about it. I sat there and
thought about it and what questions I could ask, but all I could seem to come up with was
why?. I couldnt understand it, I wanted to know why these people chose this lifestyle. First
off, if I could go back and change anything now, it would be how narrow minded I thought about
this at the beginning.
Throughout the class discussion, I was flooded with new viewpoints on my idea and what
I could ask about it. I got to thinking. I finally got a little past why and more towards how. I
started realizing early on in this project that it was not a choice these people make; it is
something they are. That was a shock to me at how ignorant I could be. I started asking questions
about transgenderism and also about how society shapes their transitions. All of a sudden, I
couldnt stop thinking of questions to ask and I became really intrigued.

DeDora 2
Looking back now, I wish I had made my questions go more so in the direction of the
social aspects of transgenderism rather than DNA and hormones. At first, that was what I really
wanted to know; what is in their genetic make-up that makes them one gender in the opposite
genders body? I focused in too close on the physical aspects rather than emotional. I ended up
looking more into their lifestyles and morals. I wish I had understood from an earlier point that
these people are no different than anyone else. I wish I had been more open-minded to
understanding who they are, but I am now and I guess it took doing this research to get me here.
Overall, my proposal kick-started my paper and led me to all of the research and thoughts that
came along with it. There are questions I would definitely improve by elaborating on, but I
wouldnt change much else of my proposal. I am glad I did it the way I did because there is a
noticeable difference between that, my research paper, and my reflection. I cant stress enough
how much this class has taught me, but through this proposal I have learned how to ask