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ISTC 301 Practical Teaching

Teachers Names: Hannah, Derek, and Carmen

Grade Level: 3rd

Date: 10/15/15
Subject Area: The Fourth of July

Class Code for Kahoot: 662281

Learning Objective(s)
Students will be able to:
Understand the history behind the Fourth of July
Apply learned material through use of Kahoot application
Common Core Standard 1.0 civil rights, Topic C
(SL.9-10.1 Initiate and participate effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-onone, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners on grades 910 topics, texts, and issues,
building on others ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively.)
ISTE.NETS: 2,4, and 5
Include the standard with its number and indicator(s): Number 2: Communication and
C: Develop cultural understanding and global awareness by engaging with learners of
other cultures.
1) Contributions to class discussions
2) Information for quiz
Kahoot Quiz
Teaching Materials:
Youtube Video
Anticipatory Set:
By showing a short, exciting video, students will be interested to learn more about what is being
taught in the lesson.
Evaluate material already known by engaging in a short quiz on Ipad.
By using glogster, students will be able to take notes quickly; getting main points of the lesson.
By re-taking the quiz, students can visualize the information they learned from the lesson and
can compete against one another for the highest score.

Students will watch a short clip focused on the history of the Fourth of July.
Students will take an introductory quiz via Kahoot- using an Ipad- to find out what they already
know about the Fourth of July.
Using glogster, students will be able to take short notes, so that they can later use for the quiz.
Students will participate in a group discussion on what fourth of july means to them.
Students will again take the anonymous quiz using kahoot, to demonstrate knowledge learned.
UDL Implementation (be sure to reference the UDL Educators Checklist for this section)
Provide specific examples of the components in this lesson plan that exemplify the following:
Multiple Means of Representation: YouTube Video, Glogster, ActiveInspire, Ipad
Multiple Means of Engagement: Discussion, Kahoot Quiz, Ipad
Multiple Means of Action and Expression: ActiveInspire, Kahoot, Ipad
The technologies integrated throughout the lesson plan fit with the chosen pedagogy and
subject content. We chose to use blended learning as the main pedagogical approach in our
lesson, therefore, ActiveInspire as our chosen technology was the most relevant to incorporation
of technology in the classroom (Noordink, 2010). Students will be able to view information
presented and engage in whole group activities using the ActiveInspire model. Students will also
be able to complete activities on the Ipad and present answers anonymously. Through teachers
representation of information via Glogster, students will view materials in an engaging manner.
Given the information about a K-12 class, the plan developed includes a multitude of methods
for presenting, expressing, and participating in the classroom that successfully meets the needs of
all students.
Kahoot quiz, review what students do not know, if anything.
Answer pending questions from students