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Lesson Plan Format

Name: Rachel Mixtacki

Lesson Topic: Sonday Reading Lesson

Grade level: 3/4

# Students: 2

Intervention time: 10:00~10:30

Date: 2/17/15

Total Time: ~30

Learning Goal:

Common Core Standard:

Literacy.RL.3.4Determine the meaning of words and phrases as
they are used in text, distinguishing literal from nonliteral language.
Literacy.RF.3.4Read with sufficient accuracy and fluency to
support comprehension.
Literacy.L.3.1Demonstrate command of the conventions of
standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.

Target Goal or Skill:

-Students will review letter sounds and letters to spell words and
focus on the structure of words.
-Why do we need to know basic phonics and how do we use them
-Can the students identify and use correct letter sounds when
writing and spelling?
-Students will continue practicing, with guided help, letter sounds,
sounding out words and writing words to increase their knowledge
of word structure to be able to help them now and in the future.
Formative Assessment: Observe students with sound spelling, word
spelling and reading words correctly; are they ready for the
summative assessment? If they are going through and correctly
naming the letter sounds and are able to read words they may be
ready for the next level. Watch for these things as you go through
this level/lesson.

Essential Question(s):
Topical question(s):
(Criteria / Look Fors/
Performance Tasks)

Summative Assessment: Occurs at the end of the level. In order to

go on to the next level, students will need to read a minimum of 19
words (which is 90% accuracy) in 30 seconds. They will also need
to spell 17 out of 20 words correctly. This will happen at a later date
after they have continued to work on the content more.
Needs Represented
Accommodations and/or

Student A-> SLD-> Visual processing issues, will need many
positive reinforcements, may need the material repeated, will need
to help focusing (4th grade)
Student B-> SLD, EBD, OHI, ADHD->difficulties staying on task,
processing difficulties->Remind student of routine and tricks that
they have learned that help them, material may need to be repeated,

slow down teaching material, (3rd grade)

(including specific
(including motivational
hook where applicable)

2 minutes-Review sound cards of letters vowels get short and long

4 minutes-spell soundsI say letter and they repeat sound and write
letter in work book, toss the ball to say the middle sound, end
sound, beginning sound
5 minutes- A few quick activities including; 8 Sight word cards
(words that cant be sounded out), short a, i, o and u (mix of cards:
have students read, find meaning of words)

Learning Activities:
7 minutes- Spelling wordsin workbook, students will
5 minutes- Touch Spell words with short e
8 minutes- Read sentences (page 19) Have the students read the
sentences using a fluent reading voice.

1 minute- wrap up send them on their way with positive feed back

Academic Language and Short vowel, long vowel, letter sound, fluency
Student Language
Demands required in
the lesson
Communication Skills
Function: Evaluate what you have written; check to see if it has all
(see Handout)
the sounds you hear, use what you already know.
Vocabulary: short vowel, letter sound, fluency,
Syntax: Organizing the sounds in 3 letter words, knowing
beginning, middle and end sounds of these 3 letter words.
Discourse: I may show them a card and they need to repeat it, I may
say a word and they need to sound spell it, I may say something and
they need to write it down.
5 Questions (Blooms or -What is the letter sound in the middle? [level 1]
-Please explain the rule of long e in the middle of the word? [Level
-How does a vowel change from short to long? [level 1]
-How could we apply what we know when we go back to class?
[Level 3]
-Can you show me how you sound out these words? [Level 2]

Curriculum (APA)

Sonday System 1-- Learning to Read, 5th Edition, (2012). Winsor


Investigations in
Number, Data, and
Space. (2012).


-Sonday system teacher edition, workbook, students workbook, ball

or something to toss, cards supplied by Sonday Systems, pencil


This is my first time teaching this lesson to these kids, I have seen a
lesson done using Sonday systems with 1st graders.