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Nadia Williams

ITEC 7500
Fall 2015
Standard 6.2 Reflection

Standard: 6.2 Reflection

Candidates regularly evaluate and reflect on their professional practice and dispositions to
improve and strengthen their ability to effectively model and facilitate technology-enhanced
learning experiences. (PSC 6.2/ISTE 6c)

The artifact I chose in support of this standard is a draft blog post I wrote after my presentation
at the Georgia Educational Technology Conference, or GaETC. I presented this alone on
November 6th, 2015 at 8:30 in the morning at the Georgia International Convention Center, just
miles away from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.
The blog post I have written is an example of how I have regularly evaluated and reflected
upon my work. In this case, I reflected upon my presentation by using the evaluation materials
provided to each conference participant through the official GaETC app. My post shows how I
have come to realize that my own reflections are helpful for the enhancement of my
professional practice to improve and strengthen my presentation and facilitation skills. As I
was presenting on how the digital tools TouchCast and Sway could enhance the teaching of
visual and digital literacy. This participant survey data served to help me in adjusting my
preconceived dispositions with regard to how I model sessions that are technologyenhanced learning experiences.
I learned a couple of key things as a result of this artifact. The first thing I learned was that I
was right to trust my gut. After finishing my presentation, I felt that I had fallen just short of
delivering what I had sought to show, which mirrored one survey respondents feelings as well.
The second thing I learned was that I should always provide a session feedback opportunity to
people who have taken part in any of my presentations. This will offer the participants the
opportunity to share anonymous information on the session which I can then use to improve.
The third key thing I learned was that I need to always be sure to reflect upon my presentations
and the resulting data. I personally will aim to do this on my blog, so that I can continue to
model to others how they can go about doing the same. My overall goal is to uplift other
educators, and in order for that to happen, I need to continuously reflect, be open, and uplift
myself. I can say that I would do some things differently. I do wish that I had included more
information about the session I had presented as well as information about other sessions I
have presented as well. Since these are growing in number, I would provide an external link to
one unified page with this information.
My reflection and the data that inspired my blog post impacted at least six schools. Per the data
gathered in the session evaluation, I was able to see that six of the over fifty people in

attendance chose to complete the evaluation. One of them identified through the survey that
my presentation had an impact on them in their work as a media specialist. Thus, my
presentation, impacted on media specialist in the realm of faculty development. That said, this
reflection will have an impact on faculty and school development as it will be used to enhance
my presentations so that they better meet the needs of the teachers and media specialists I will
be teaching in the near future.