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Terry Duong

UWRT 1102 Midterm Reflection

Professor Intawiwat
In all honesty, the grade I would give myself is an A. the research
I have been doing is somewhat of a self-identification and soulsearching type of research to what I would deem is considered
freedom. Because there is such an abundance of what freedom can be
defined as, the possibilities of what others see their freedom is can
almost most definitely be different from one another. I believe that I
have followed most of the directions for each thing we have done. I
do not think that I have edited my journals ever since we submitted
Although I have missed one class or so, and have been late-ish, I
would still give myself an A for participation and everything. I come to
class with the most hyped out personality. My attitude in class is
second to none I would say, or at least I hope! My engagement in class
and my group is well. We discuss our own statements and help each
other with things we are working on to get different bias opinions. My
preparation for class is there, I would say that I could come better
prepared, but I wasnt able to.
My involvement with my extended inquiry has been heartfelt I
would say. I have been doing a lot of thinking about what freedom is,
and how society sees it a lot differently than I do. There are many

aspects of freedom that are different from others. Freedom can be

categorized as spirituality freedom, and social freedoms, etc. There has
been some difficulties, but thats only because there is not much on
anything except for the freedom of how African Americans got their
freedom in the United States. Although through all of what Ive seen in
research, I found a few that would go well with my topic. Yes, I talked
with some people about what I have had so far and there are minor
things I could tweak, such as narrowing down my topic because mine is
such a general topic.
I do feel that they did help me understand the class. I felt that
this class has a very broad general type of understanding and perusal.
It gave me a further understanding on writing and how I self proclaim
myself in society. Into the wild made me question what I want in like,
what views I have on society. Shitty First Drafts and Understanding
Types of Writing made me become somewhat of a better writer as a
whole that can distinguish other type of writings.
I would say given my participation in class, my discovery and
proposal, and the discussions and reading, I would give myself an
above average. Hopefully, my paper will be above and beyond when I
complete it.