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RUNNING HEAD: Independent Technology Project

Independent Technology Project

Alison Richard
Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne

Independent Technology Project

Lesson Plan

United States Government

Week of:
Words: union,
individual rights

5.2.4 Identify and explain key ideas about government as noted in

Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Northwest
Ordinance, US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights


Wedne Thursda

1. Prezi

1. Class
for review

ent Act. 2
on Quia

2. Define
vocab words

nt Act. 1
on Quia


1. Class

1. Questions

2. In class

2. Quiz

3. Sign up
for Quia


1. What have you learned from this project?
a. The main thing that I took away from this project is that there are so many
different mediums for teaching. I got to explore different websites and try to
completely figure out how I think my lesson would be taught best.
2. What were your most useful resources in completing the project?
a. I actually went for a visit to a classroom to talk to a teacher about how their book
teaches this standard. Much to my surprise the teachers have actually had to

Independent Technology Project

create their own booklet to teach the section on American Government, because
the book doesnt really touch on it. The teacher gave me a copy of the booklet to
look at, and it was really helpful for completing this assignment. Also a
traditional dictionary helped me too.
3. How will/could you share or use this project?
a. Quia has a feature to share your project. It also allows you to link to the
assignment without having an account, so it could be a good medium for students
to practice at home, or even to share amongst teaachers.
4. What are some other possible applications of the technology you have learned and
used to complete this project?
a. I think that Quia could be very helpful for almost all social studies sections, but
could also be really helpful for reading quizzes. It would be a good medium for
students to learn to be more comfortable voicing their opinions or thoughts of
books that they have read. Quia would be good for studying any type of spelling
or vocab word.
5. How could this project be further improved?
a. Quiz offered some already completed activities by other educators, so it might be
really helpful to use their examples to improve. Since this was the first time I have
used Quia, I tried to conquer the site without any assistance. I feel like I learn
better by playing around with the different features, rather than trying to copy
how someone else used the program.
6. If this is a student project, how will it be evaluated?
a. Quias quiz features allow teachers to set the value of each question, so I changed
those to give a total of 20 points. If I were to actually be using this assignment in
a classroom, I think taking the activities as a completion grade would be most
effective. Taking an accuracy grade on a learning assignment seems unfair,
because you are asking them to practice. Its important to actually take some form
of grade, because it requires students to actually spend time doing what you are
7. Has this project led you to think about other technologies you would like to explore
and master? If so, what are they?
a. When choosing the option to use for this project, I was really torn to choose using
Kidspiration to create activities. I am hoping that my school has this program

Independent Technology Project

available for us to use, so that we are able to make worksheets easily. I also was
somewhat interested in making a webquest, but I think that it would be easier if I
had an example to follow. It would be a good use for a test review or in place of a

Technology: 9.5
Subject Knowledge/Accuracy: 9
Design and Originality: 10
Mechanics: 10
Works Cited: 10

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Independent Technology Project

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