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It`s probably one of those things that you like 2 think that it`s good ,

but it`s not what it seems

I`ma smack you those tits like i should but only after i`ll test your
grave to see if it feets
You don`t know nothin` about this shit even though you don`t have
any ideea what it means
I don`t find pleasure under this presure imagining what it`s kept
tight under your jeans
Or what it`s kept so deep in your mind when i ain`t gettin` any sleep
thinking about shit
Why bother to find a solution when there isn`t time 4 a also`called
resolution , is it what we need?
Just simplify your mind if you`re in the need 2 find it in time, you
can try 2 rewind what you can no longer fix
And when i`ll caught you in the act on the dicks `i`ll sure smack
you in the head 2 see if it rings
You fuckin` bitch! i just wanted a one last kiss from your mouth ,
but it stinks
I`m not what you want me to be , can`t you read the words on my
lips, do you know what this is?
I don`t give a fuck when you`re moovin` those hips , i just one more
bag of my favourite chips!