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Najala Howell

Persuasive Letter
P. Salome
20 November 2015

Stop Child Abuse

It is not a question that it is unacceptable that at least five children die a day due to child abuse.
There is not a community where child abuse does not occur. There are plenty of loopholes where
Americas society fails to fill to protect the life of innocent children. This persuasive letter will
explain and provide specific examples on what are some major causes of child abuse, as well as
how one can contribute to helping stop child abuse.
Child protective services does contribute a great part in child abuse. On June 25, 2015 a foster
care was found guilty wrapping a 5 year old girl with 42 feet of duct tape during a time out,
which causes the young child to suffocate and die. Unfortunately this is only one of the many
situations where a young child was abused in the hands of foster care parents and resulted in
death of the child. Having thorough back ground checks on foster parents are extremely vital.
Many say that it is an abundance of foster parents who are in it for the money, which isnt hard to
believe, when a child is not receiving genuine care. If a community wants their children to be
protected, it is imperative child protective services does a superior job in providing safe
households for foster care children.
Many individuals fail to realize that child protective services are in much contradictory due to its
name, because they fail tremendously to protect children in the system. In the past decade the
welfare- division with scores of lawsuits, paying 141.4 million for failing to protect children
under its care. This is because CPS does a terrible job, with community with the children, as well
as having a poor surveillance on foster care parents. CPS, definitely needs to improve on the
check-up with these foster houses. Poor check-ups and communication results in hidden child
abuse and eventually death of innocent children.
Although child abuse occurs in every community, it is accurate that every school system fails to
inform children about child abuse, such as how to prevent it, who to tell if it does occur, and why
it is essential to confess child abuse. According to the National Child Stress Network, it is a fact
that adults who were abused as children, 2 out of 3 said they never told anyone about the abuse
during their childhood. However, if child abuse education was implemented in every school
system, it is no doubt that this solution would contribute tremendously to lowering the rate of
child abuse. This is because children would be informed on child abuse, which would raise the
rate of children being comfortable to communicate about child abuse. Having children being
comfortable to express their private lives in these homes is vital, which will instantly lower the
rate of child abuse tremendously.

These are various ways child abuse is caused as well as how the rate of child abuse can be
resolved. Every individual deserves an innocent and genuine child hood. Implementing child
abuse education in schools is definitely something authorities can think about and take action on.
It is
foster care systems duty to provide a safe passage for children, not to put children in a more cruel
position than before. Take a stand and hold a childs hand against child abuse!