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Small Group Work 11/17/15

Rachel West, Azhar Toqeer

From a review of class discussion and the URLs included on our Moodle page,
summarize the five most important differences between grants and contracts. The
consider the case of our own NSF proposal and describe at least three hypothetical
situations in which funding could be withheld. Submit your group report on Moodle.



Support an activity

Purchase or service

Cannot be used for

classified work
Recipient may
terminate at any time

Must be used for

classified work
Contractor does not
have the right to
terminate the contract
Government has use of
good or service
Require delivery of
good as promised

Public can access to

Require best efforts in

There are many ways to be refused further funding by NSF. For example, if there are
not enough deliverables from the research presented by the investigating team, the
NSF may withhold funding. Another reason could be that if additional research goes
beyond the budget, the NSF may choose to withhold the funds to cover the
additional research. Finally, if the investigators start straying from the original
purpose that the funding covered, this could cause the NSF to withhold future
funding for the remainder of the project.