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Miss Fields

December 11, 2015

Weekly Highlights
In reading workshop, we continued to develop good habits as
readers of nonfiction books. We learned how to find the just
right sound for words, how to find interesting things in our
books to share with others, reading with feeling, reading like a
writer, and finished the week off by learning about key words.
Students are learning so much about the world around them
from their nonfiction books!
For word study this week, we reviewed the meaning of a noun,
sorting familiar nouns, and even had a chance to write some
nouns on our own in sentences. We continued to review short
vowel sounds as well as sounds at the beginning and ends of

Homework will come home on Fridays and is
due back the following Thursday.
This weeks homework:

Reading log (folder sent home with one

book from school)

Math review pages P109-110

Holiday traditions activity

In writing workshop, we continued to learn about writing

nonfiction books. We learned how to add fancy words to our
pieces to get our readers attention and interest as well as set
goals for ourselves on how to improve our writing. We finished
off the week by adding a Table of Contents to our pieces and
even began editing and revising for spelling, capital letters and


During math, we finished the addition and subtraction to 10 and

beyond unit by reviewing strategies and tools we have learned
through various lessons and activities. At the end of the week
we completed our unit two assessment. I look forward to
sharing the results with you at conferences!

Please remember to send in an extra set

of clothing!

In social skills this week we learned how to show care and

concern to others when they are sad or upset. We learned
what compassion is and how to appropriately show compassion
to a friend in need.


remember to wear sneakers.
EVERY TUESDAY: Library, please send your
childs library book back to school!
December 15- Half Day
(Teacher Professional Development)
December 16 & 17- Half Days
(Parent-Teacher Conferences 5:30-7:30pm)
December 22- Polar Express Pajama Party &
Holiday Sing-Along Assembly
December 23- Half day
December 24 to January 4- Holiday Recess

In social studies we launched our new unit for December,

Holidays Around the World. First we visited America and
Canada to learn about Christmas and then traveled to Italy to
learn about LaBefana. During our visits we read stories,
completed a craft, and learned facts about each holiday. Ask
us what we learned!
I look forward to seeing all of you next week! Please contact me
if you do not have a conference time scheduled and would still
like to attend. I have a few openings on Thursday
Please contact me with any questions or
Miss Field