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Casey Hobson

Dr. Sean M. George

English 1010 D-03
Dec. 13, 2015
Self-Reflexive Cover Letter
This semester has been such a great semester for me as a writer. I have thoroughly
enjoyed learning so much more about forming ideas onto paper and presenting myself as an
individual. I have come to learn that writing is an art and a skill that should be sought after. I feel
that I have improved and made progress in being able to present my ideas in a clearer way, also
in organizing my papers into manageable material that looks good. Among the weaknesses that I
have observed was the writing process that I would go through in each of my essays. I never
spent any time in the writing center at DSU and hardly used any of the writing lab time actually
forming my ideas on paper. I have trouble asking for peer review or asking questions in
construction of thoughts or organization of research. I have a determination to figure it out for
myself in most instances, which can sometimes be a strength but can also come as a great
weakness. This sort of pride blocked some potential for these essays. They could all be better in
many ways but there are a particular few that I really struggled with. Essay 3 was the hardest
essay for me by far. I couldnt find a topic that I could stand behind and I ended up changing
topics multiple times. I feel that I would have written a much better essay in all if I wouldnt
have been so concerned in what people reading the essay wouldve been thinking. It became very
distracting for me in my creative process. I know that you want to be aware of the readers
perception and point of view but not to the point of blocking your own thinking and creativity.
On my essay entitled They Say It Best When They Say Nothing At All I feel that it is among

the best of the essays that I have written. I was able to represent my ideas in a way that I feel
were clear and easy to understand and it was an enjoyable essay for me to write and I, as a
reader, would enjoy reading the essay. Essay 4 was a great essay for me to learn many new things
and gain new perspectives. There were points as I was writing this essay that I would become
convinced of the counter argument and made me realize that I never want to go into politics. I
tried to as credible as I could and represent the ideas and research of the individuals in the best
way I knew how but I still ended the essay feeling like it was lacking something. Something I
couldnt name but it just felt empty of passion I suppose. All in all, I feel very happy and pleased
in my learning that I have achieved this semester in this English course, and giving credit where
it is due, it is greatly due to the great professor that you, Dr. George, have been. I greatly
appreciate your passion and love for teaching that have made this such a great course.