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Devin Austin

Mrs. Jankowski
English 12H
December 12, 2015

Overpopulation With Animals (1514)

Animal hoarding, banning specific breeds, and killing off animals because shelters or
households are so overpopulated, are all wrong in many ways. All animals need love, even
specific breeds that are banned for outrageous reasons. Hoarding animals is not showing love for
them; It is actually the complete opposite of love. Hoarding so many animals in one place is very
dangerous for several reasons. It involves complications with health, living situations, or even
death. Speaking of death, having kill shelters is something that needs to be more looked into
about. Shelters shouldnt be killing off animals just because they are overpopulating in one
shelter. People can find other ways to take care of animals, even in tough situations. Which
comes down to specific breed bans. Specific dog breeds being banned isnt fair to the dogs. They
cant help how they are raised, or what environment they are raised in. There are many strict
laws on having certain dogs in several communities, and most of them are not fair.
Animal hoarding is a horrid thing. Hoarders dont think it is a bad thing, but it is. At least
75% of animal hoarders end up being women. These hoarders believe they are helping animals
by having so many, but they are wrong. Overpopulating animals can be very dangerous in
various ways. (Animal Hoarding 1p)
Owning a numerous amount of animals for example, 10, has many negative attributes.
Having so many causes many issues, and could possibly even lead to a death. With all the pets in
one house, it causes strong odors, holes in walls or floors, fleas, and pretty much ruins the entire
household. There would be a lot of health issues with the pets, and even the owner. The animals

wouldnt be getting the right kind of care and nutrition they really need, and would get, if they
didnt live with so many animals around them. (Animal Hoarding 3)
Animal hoarders can have frightening behaviors. They fear letting their pets outside, or
even use the bathroom because theyre afraid their pet will run away. Animals need to be outside
sometimes, its good for them and lets them explore the environment, and with the owners doing
something like this, its animal abuse. Animals need to explore the environment because they
have to adapt to nature, and what is around them. The behavior of animal hoarders are
dangerous. They need more socialization and interaction with other people, not just with all their
animals. Everyone needs to socialize with others, its good for them, and thats how people are
suppose to live their lives, by interacting with others (Strauss 2).
There are many breed bans in the U.S. and in other countries. The most specific breed
banned are American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull
Terriers, and English Bull Terriers (Breed-Specific Legislation. 1). It is said, by researchers,
that about more than 700 U.S. cities have interacted with the law of specific breed laws (BreedSpecific Legislation. 2). Even though people make these laws on banning certain dogs, doesnt
mean it prevents anything. There is no evidence that specific laws make communities safer for
people to live in. ( Breed- Specific Legislation. 2). Having all these banning laws on the
certain breeds, create where it is nearly impossible for residents to adopt and live with a breed (
Breed- Specific Legislation. 3). Usually the most common breed ban is the pit bull. Most people
would probably say the pit bull is the most common breed banned because it is known to be the
most dangerous dog.
It is hard to understand why countries ban specific breeds. Theyre still animals. It is not
their fault that certain breeds are dangerous, it is just by the way their owner treats them, handles

them, or trains them. The bans that are directed toward the specific breeds are usually considered
bad for many reasons. They are often known to have a horrific behavior or cause a horrific
incident, usually an attack on a child (Tanick 1). The reason why people ban certain dogs, such
as pit bulls, is because they are known to fight. People are known to use pit bulls to fight other
dogs or pit bulls, earning money, which is a terrible thing. This is why there are so many banning
laws set on pit bulls because that is what they are mostly known to do, is fight.
President Obama, is also against banning specific breeds. Research shows that bans on
certain dogs are largely ineffective and often a waste of public resources (Greenwood 1). The
only harm about these animals is how they arent getting love and care because of what they are
known, or banned for. Communities are safe, even with certain breeds that are known to be
banned. The only reason they can be dangerous is if theyre owner trains them to be that way,
which is illegal. These dogs arent hurting anyone unless they are made too ( Greenwood 1).
Many shelters around the world have a rule that is to never kill off animals no matter how
overpopulated they are. Some shelters say they are saving all adoptable pets or they only kill
unadoptable pets (No Kill Shelters. 1). A typical rule of thumb is whether a shelter saves more
than 90% of its animals (No Kill Shelters. 1). Having ill animals shouldnt be a reason to kill
them, but if it is needed because of suffering, then some shelters possibly do that.
Though, there is a negative side on having a no kill shelter. In some cases with no kill
shelters, animals are often in cages for years without proper socialization and care ( No Kill
Shelters. 2). Animals need to socialize with people because they need that love and attention,
since they dont have a home, besides the shelter, with several other animals. In some cases, it is
better to have a kill shelter because some no kill shelters are so full, the workers never spend

time or give the right kind of care to the animals, and that is how they end up getting ill (No Kill
Shelters. 3).
Some animals are way to sick to even be adopted. That is another reason why shelters are
so full because some just cant be adopted for different reasons. Shelters might even have
debates on whether they should kill off the sick ones for more room or take care of them. Either
way, they should still care for them.
Overall, given all these specific points on hoarding, breed bans, and kill shelters, I could
honestly say, it is all terrible and unfair. It is important to take care of animals in the right way,
and to not abuse them. Nowadays, people are becoming more abusive with animals, and the way
they take care of them. Showing love to these animals is one of the most important things
communities need to start doing. I say this, because I have been volunteering at the Warrick
County Humane Society for a couples months now, and I see how these pets are treated. At the
Humane Society I work at, they do not kill off animals. They show the animals love, and teach
them how to live a good life. For example, some of the things I do at the shelter to better the pets
needs is, taking them on a 10 minute walk. Having one on one time the with dogs in the
playroom. Also, I try to feed the dogs on time because sometimes the shelter can be a bit
unorganized and do not get things done on time, so I try to step up, and get things that need to be
done, done at the right time. Even though the shelter I am working at is a great shelter for pets to
be in, I tend to see other problems. I like to spend a lot of time in the puppy room because who
wouldnt? Because of this, Im always seeing too many puppies in one cage, or the puppies with
feces on them because the cages are not cleaned very well. I try to prevent things like this by
trying to say something to the head workers, but if they do not do anything about it, then I will. I
like to make sure all of these animals are in good hands because they deserve all the love they

can get and every time I work my hours at the shelter, I make sure every little things gets done
because every animal in that building means something to me now. Spending time with all these
sweet animals, brightens my day because knowing what they went through breaks my heart, and
if I can brighten their day a little more by just going on a 10 minute walk or by feeding them on
time, then I would do it every single day I could get a chance to. America today, needs to
understand that animals need the same kind of love people do. It is just a matter of how we show
it to them.

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IntroductionThesis- Animal hoarding, banning specific breeds, and killing off animals because
shelters or households are so overpopulated, are all wrong in many ways.

A. Animal Hoarders
1. 75% of animal hoarders are women.
2. Animal hoarders believe they are helping animals.
3. Health issues

B. Cons of animal hoarding

1. Strong odors
2. ruining homes
3. health for the animals
C. Hoarding Behavior
1. They fear of letting their pets go.
2. Dangerous
3. needs more socialism with other people



Breed bans
A. Specific Breeds
1. Attacks
2. Strict laws for having specific breeds
3. Common breed bans
B. Why ban specific breeds
1. Theyre still animals
2. Viscous behavior
3. Known to fight
C. Obama is against banning specific breeds
1. Banning is useless
2. They arent a problem
3. communities are still safe
No Kill Shelters
A. Saving animals
1. Shelters save more than 90% of animals
2. Saving only adoptable pets
B. Bad things about no kill shelters
1. Love for the animals
2. Caged up all the time
3. unable to adopt
C. Sick animals
1. unadoptable
2. Kill or no kill
3. show care still