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Interns Final Exam Research Presentation Reflection Document

__Colleen Major________________ ___Bullying in the

Interns Name

Presentation Topic

__How can we prevent bullying in the classroom in the

Umbrella Question (upon which presentation lesson was based)
Students will be able to identify bullying behavior and classify the steps to take as a future teacher to
resolve and prevent bullying situations.

Measureable Lesson Objective (What you wanted the students to

Presentation Date__Friday, December 11th,2015 ______________________


Key components to any presentation or lesson
Equipment, materials, wardrobe selection, technology

1. What were the strengths you believe were present with regards
to your planning or preparation for this lesson? Explain WHY
you believe these elements were present?
My strengths in the area of planning and preparation were
that I knew the material very well after rehearsing my lesson
and PowerPoint numerous times prior to my teach day.
Furthermore, I had made a sticky note of tips I had noticed
from other presentations and ways I can be ready in my set
up before starting, that way I was efficient with my time.
Because I created a fun activity for a twist on the bullying
content for the students, I was prepared by bringing in extra
apples in case some broke or something happened.
Additionally, my videos were relevant in the sense that they
gave the perspective of a victim and then a perspective from
the educational standpoint. I believe all of these elements of
preparedness and personal focus on creating a thoughtful and
planned out lesson were present because of how much time
and work I put into my final lesson.

2. What do you believe was lacking, or what could be improved,

with respect to planning and preparation for your presentation?
Explain WHY.
The areas that could have been improved were that some
students had a hard time focusing due to sitting on the carpet
for long periods of time and thus, wish to have moved around
more. With this being said, I could have planned a role play
activity for showing the effect of bullying in the classroom.
Also, I was not expecting the apples to fall apart as easily as
they did. I could have planned ahead and told the students
not to throw the apples as hard as they did. However, the
highly damaged apples really got the point across. Some
students suggested using a different kind of fruit. Lastly, my
final activity was to have students compare and contrast
buddies versus bullies on the white board. Unfortunately, one
person did the majority of the work on both sides and there
wasnt as much communication as I had hoped. It didnt help
that there was not much space for everyone to be standing at
the front of the room at the same time. Although I dont think
this ultimately took too much away from the lesson, the
planning was lacking due to some students having a hard
time with the stillness in sitting or overcrowding in the final


Lessons are divided into segments and each part is very important in the
process of teaching and learning.
Lesson PlanWas your lesson objective measureable?
1. How was your objective written so that you would really know that
your class got what you were teaching?
My objective was written for me to observe whether the class
could identify bullying behavior through the apple activity and
again comparing and contrasting the behaviors and qualities in
the buddy versus bully activity. Then, the class was able to
classify the steps it takes as a future teacher to resolve and
prevent bullying situations by the discussion after the apple

activity and then reiterating it in their post assessment

homework worksheet.
2. How did you plan to measure the outcome of the lesson? (Was your
objective written correctly so that it mirrored your PLAN?)

I planned to measure the outcome of the lesson through the

responses of the students in each activity. If they were struggling to
communicate certain aspects of bullying (prevention tactics, teasing
vs. taunting, normal behavior vs. bullying, etc.), then I would restate
some of the facts from the PowerPoint and guide the discussion in
the direction the class is losing focus on. Moreover, I planned to see
whether the students really understood the content through their
assessment for homework and the responses on the buddy versus
bullying white board activity.

A. LessonIntroduction or Audience Engagement

Anticipatory Set what did you do in order to begin your lesson
to capture the attention and interest of the class?

1. Explain what you did and describe how it worked.

I started off the lesson by having all the students sit on the
carpet and look up at the projector screen for my PowerPoint
presentation while listening to me explain bullying in the
classroom. I then became the presentation by starting off with
how to tell whether a fight is normal conflict or if it is bullying
behavior that would need to be interrupted and stopped by an
adult. It worked well but jumping right into the presentation
might not have been the best introduction, especially after
the students had already been sitting through an entire
previous presentation.
2. Or: How might you have improved this portion of the lesson?
I would have improved this portion of the lesson by maybe
showing a frightening but realistic video of the effects of
bullying to grab more attention from the students as a hook
into the lesson.


1. List and describe what student learning experiences the lesson

contained that were successful.
The student learning experiences were a visual PowerPoint
presentation, visual videos that incorporated reading, auditory
presentation from me as the teacher, kinesthetic apple





activity and kinesthetic and writing buddy versus bully activity

on the white board. These were all successful and got the
information across while reiterating the main focuses of the
material in the activities following the presentation.
How do you know they were successful? This is a good place to
reflect on the assessment the students completed the next day to
see if they actually understood the concepts. Look them over and
I know they were successful because of the responses in the
questions I asked for discussion between the students and the
positive feedback from the observation sheets individually
written by the class. Moreover, the post assessment showed
that the students comprehended the main focus of ways to
handle bullying situations and how to help prevent bullying in
the future. Many students wrote that they would help their
future class by creating a safe and comfortable environment
and educate [their] students on bullying or reporting the
situation if the bullying has become noticed by the peers or
teachers. Additionally, the post assessment revealed
numerous ways on how to handle the bully from the victims
perspective and from a teachers perspective through actions,
or some students wrote dialogue on how a person should
There is always room for improvement, so: What could you have
done differently for a better outcome?
I would have found a variety of different fruits (that can
bruise) to do the apple activity on. This way the lesson
displays that people from all different backgrounds or
personalities can still be bullied. It took a while for the fruit to
be passed around the entire circle; if I had a separate fruit for
every student, the student would have more of a chance to
repeatedly do the bullying. This may cause a bigger emotional
response because it is shown that only that one student did
the damage done to the piece of fruit.
What teaching techniques did you employ?
I used the teaching technique of game-based learning in the
sense that the bulling the apple was the game. The activity
was designed to incorporate a hands-on reaction to bullying,
even if the mean comments were the apple is a weird color
instead of a harsher and more scaring bullying experience. It
was meant to convey how easily the game of throwing the
apple quickly turns in physical, emotional, mental, and
academic impairment.
Describe (and explain why) any improvements you could make if
you were to deliver this lesson to another class.

As I described above, I would bring in a variety of different

fruits to incorporate different people. Not one type of person
that is bullied, it is a variety of people with different
backgrounds and personalities. Furthermore, I would change
the last activity of buddy versus bully on the white board to
an individual worksheet activity, where we would come back
together after completing it and have a discussion. Every time
a student gives a new response, the answer can be written
under the buddy or bully T-chart on the white board. This
eliminates the overcrowding at the front of the room and
encourages all students to work on the activity instead of one
person taking charge.
6. Did it work? Did the students learn what you wanted them to learn?
If this answer was clear in previous items, say so. If not, EXPLAIN.
I do believe my lesson worked very well regardless of the
improvements I would now make. The students learned what I
wanted them to learn through the objectives of identifying
bullying behavior and characteristics, and being able to find
solutions to resolve bullying situations and prevent future
conflicts when the class I taught becomes teachers a few
years from now.
C. BODY OF THE LESSONDescribe how you incorporated the following
into your lesson:
1. Visual I had a presentation with my main points written out for the
students to follow along. Also, I showed two videos to break
up the lesson and show the students different perspectives.
2. Auditory I read aloud my main points of my PowerPoint presentation
and went into further detail/gave examples so that the class
could relate and be able to identify bullying behavior better.
3. Kinesthetic My kinesthetic activity was the apple activity where I passed
around an apple for the students to say something mean to,
throw on the ground, and bruise. I then held up the two apples
and showed how even though the outside may look the same,
bullying can cause these same bruises to form on our insidesour emotions, our minds, and our academics.


1. What technique did you use to wrap up your lesson so that the
students might continue to think about what they had just learned
and experienced?
My technique to wrap up the lesson was to question the
students on why they just caused those inanimate objects so
much pain and why we continue to do this to the people
around us. Then I had the students write on the board what
makes a buddy a buddy and what makes a bully a bully so
that they had the qualities in their heads to how they should
act, prior to walking out the classroom door.
2. Do you feel it was successful?
Yes, I felt it was successful because not many of the students
had ever done the apple activity so the kinesthetic concept
really stuck with a lot of the students. In their post
assessments, I could tell that the class had learned more
about the topic and knowledgably knows how to approach a
bullying situation now.
3. What adjustments might you make if you were to present this
lesson to another class?
The adjustments I would make if I were to present this lesson
to another class would be to change the last activity to a
worksheet instead of the white board, and then lead the
answers into a discussion on buddy versus bully. Moreover, I
would try to see if any other fruits worked with the bruising to
emphasize that anyone can be bullied and it affects us all.

Personal Assessment of Lesson

1. What grade do you believe you deserve for this project and
presentation? (This includes research, planning, preparation, team
work (if applicable) and lesson delivery, Not your Detailed Outline
or your annotated bibliography.)
Percent / Letter Grade___95% or an A________
2. What percentage of the work accomplished for this presentation do
you feel you were responsible for if you were a team?
____(I did the lesson alone, therefore 100%.)_____
3. If you were a team, one of the members might not have contributed
equally to the others. If this is true, how would you divide 100%
between the members?
_____(not applicable)________

With concrete support, state why you believe you deserve that grade.
I believe I deserve an A because I worked really hard, finding
more sources than needed to ensure I had quality and accurate
information. This caused a lot more work to be done to complete
a research outline and bibliography; however, because there was
more research to be done, I handwrote all the notes when I
should have typed them additionally. As a teacher, I make
mistakes which are meant to be learned from. I never expected
to do everything perfectly and thus, a 100% simply doesnt seem
realistic. With this being said though, I put a lot of effort and
dedication in the preparation and planning of my lessons. All of
the activities I plan are facilitated in the manner I think will be
best for that classroom environment. Even though, there are
always improvements to be made in teaching, my final lesson
went really well and I am proud of how well the students reacted
to all of the activities.