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Mata Pelajaran
Program Studi

: Paket C

Hari / Tanggal

: Rabu, 26 Maret 2014
: 16.00 18.00 WIB

1. Periksalah Naskah Soal yang Anda terima sebelum mengerjakan soal
yang meliputi :
a. Kelengkapan jumlah halaman atau urutannya.
b. Kelengkapan dan urutan nomor soal.
c. Kesesuaian Nama Mata Uji dan Program Studi yang tertera pada
kanan atas Naskah Soal dengan Lembar Jawaban Ujian Nasional
2. Laporkan kepada pengawas ruang ujian apabila terdapat lembar
soal, nomor soal yang tidak lengkap atau tidak urut, serta LJUN yang
rusak atau robek untuk mendapatkan gantinya.
3. Tulislah Nama dan Nomor Peserta Ujian Anda pada kolom yang
disediakan di halaman pertama butir soal.
4. Isilah pada LJUN Anda dengan :
a. Nama Peserta pada kotak yang disediakan, lalu hitamkan bulatan
di bawahnya sesuai dengan huruf di atasnya
b. Nomor peserta dan Tanggal Lahir pada kolom yang disediakan, lalu
hitamkan bulatan di bawahnya sesuai huruf/angka di atasnya.
c. Nama Sekolah, Tanggal Ujian, dan bubuhkan Tanda Tangan Anda
pada kotak yang disediakan.
5. Tersedia waktu 120 menit untuk mengerjakan Naskah Soal tersebut.
6. Jumlah soal sebanyak 50 butir, pada setiap butir soal terdapat 5
(lima) pilihan jawaban.
7. Tidak diizinkan menggunakan kalkulator, HP, table matematika atau

alat bantu hitung lainnya.

8. Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas
ruang ujian.
9. Lembar soal boleh dicoret-coret, sedangkan LJUN tidak boleh dicoretcoret.

The following text is for questions 1and 2
Nita, dont forget to pick up Yuni at Cendekia English Course at 5 p.m
I will be home late

1. What is the message about?

A. going home late
B. participating in an English Course
C. Nitas activity
D. picking up Yuni
E. taking care of a house
2. Nita should pick up Yuni..
A. in the morning
B. in the afternoon
C. in the evening
D. at night
E. at noon
The following text is for numbers 3-4
May 21, 2009
Cipinang Lontar No 61 Jatinegara
Jakarta Timur 13420
Dear Mr. Brown
Thank you so much for taking the time to interview me for the volunteer position. I truly appreciate
the opportunity. I believe this opportunity is very beneficial for improving the quality of my current
personal life as well as in the future.
If you need more information regarding my past experiences, I would be more than happy to
provide you with any information which would be helpful.
Again, thank you very much for the time you spent with me.
Rina Yuliaty
3. What is the letter about?
A. job application
B. job opportunity
C. experience information

D. appointment for interview

E. gratitude expression
4. We can conclude that the writer is going to be accepted for the position because..
A. she had experiences
B. she had been interviewed
C. Mr. Brown was very kind to her
D. she offered to give more information
E. She thought Mr. Brown would give her the opportunity
The following text is for questions numbers 5 and 6
Dear kids,
Ill come home late this evening.
I put the meal for dinner at the refrigerator. Warm it at the microwave first.
When finished, dont forget to put the rest in it.

5. Why did the writer give the message?

A. She would put the meal at the fridge
B. She would arrive at home late
C. She wanted to take a rest
D. She loved her children
E. She would warm the meal
6. Warm it at the microwave first. What does it refer to?
A. microwave
B. the meal
C. mom
D. refrigerator
E. kid
7. What did kids do first?
A. Warm the meal at the microwave first
B. put the rest in the refrigerator
C. wait for mom
D. put the meal in the refrigerator
E. come home
The following text is for questions numbers 8-10
A reliable hard working person, preferably with cooking experience, is required to assist in the
canteen of our modern expanding factory. Hours will be 8.30 a.m 2 p.m, Monday- Friday. We
offer $ 5860 p.a plus commission $20 per week and good looking condition.

Ring or Write to:

Mr. Sasmita
Y & M Ltd
Bintaro Raya Sektor 9
Jakarta, tlp. 8756905
8. The advertisement above gives us information about job vacancy in..
A. restaurant
B. canteen
C. hospital
D. factory
E. office
9. .is required to assist in the canteen of our modern expanding factory. The underlined word
has the same meaning as..
A. help
B. work
C. cook
D. prepare
E. serve
10. What position is wanted?
A. canteen assistant
B. secretary
C. personnel manager
D. cashier
E. accountant
The following text is for questions numbers 11-12


MTI is seeking qualified candidates to manage its COMMUNITY HEALTH

PROJECTS IN SIGLI, NAD and PULAU NIAS. Candidates who meet the
qualification below are encouraged to e-mail their CVs to:
Develop an action plan for community health background
Help recruit, hire, and mentor local community health staf
Develop a network of community health activities in the targeted area
Desired Minimum Qualifications:
University degree, with a community health background
At least four years experience in project work and management
Proficient in English, Indonesian, and preferably Bahasa Aceh or Nias
Good salary, housing allowance (if relocated), and health insurance:

11. The advertisement above is mainly about.

A. travelling tour to NAD
B. management of medical teams
C. Medical teams international Projects
D. a program of health activities in pulau Nias
E. a vacancy in medical teams International INC
12. An applicant should have..
A. an action plan
B. a university degree
C. a network in the targeted area
D. a local community health staff
E. a senior high school degree
The following text is for questions numbers 13-15
Mr. lion was lying asleep when he was suddenly awaked by a mouse running over his face.
The little mouse was being chased by a wild cat. How dare you! He roared, and raise his paw to
kill the mouse. Please, sir, begged miss mouse, let me go, and one day I may do something for you
in return. You help me! Ha.ha, Laughed Mr. Lion. But he let her go.
One day Mr. Lion was caught in a net spread by hunters. I cant get out! He roared angrily.
But I can help you, Said a tiny voice. Then Miss mouse nibbled and gnawed the ropes until the
lion was free. There, She said proudly. If you hadnt let me go, I would not find a way to help
you. Yes, you should thank her, Mr. Lion. She has saved your life, Said a monkey who was sitting
on a branch of a tree.
13. Look at the sentence..but let her go. The word her refers to.
A. a cat
B. a lion
C. a mouse
D. a hunter
E. a monkey
14. According to the text, which of the following is TRUE?
A. Mr. Lion wasnt lying asleep
B. The mouse cannot help Mr. Lion
C. Miss mouse was awaked by Mr. Lion
D. Miss Mouse was caught in a net spread by hunters
E. Mr. Lion was awaked because a mouse running over his face
15. The main idea of paragraph two is..
A. A monkey helped Mr. Lion

B. Mr. Lion caught Miss mouse

C. Miss Mouse helped release Mr. Lion
D. Mr. Lion was trapped by the hunters
E. The hunters were caught in a net
The following text is for questions numbers 16-18
Dear Nan,
We are having a wonderful holiday here in Gold Coast. Yesterday was great as we went to
Movie World.
When we got up in the morning it looked like rain. After a while the clouds disappeared and
it became a sunny day. We then decided to go to the Movie World.
First I went to Lethal Weapon. Next I saw the Police Academy Show. After that I had lunch
as I was really hungry. Meanwhile Mom and Kelly queued for the Batman ride.
It rained about lunchtime but soon it was fine again. We really enjoyed our holiday.
16. The text mainly tells about.
A. a sunny day
B. Gold Coast
C. Batman ride
D. Sams letter
E. Sams holiday
17. Which of the following wasnt visited by Sam?
A. Gold Coast
B. Movie World
C. Lethal Weapon
D. Batman ride
E. Police Academy Show
18. Which of the following isnt True about Sam?
A. He went for a holiday with his Mom and Kelly
B. He had an unpleasant holiday
C. He went to the Gold Coast
D. He enjoyed his holiday
E. He was Nans friend
The following text is for questions numbers 19-21
On 28th of august, there will be a trip to Golden Sands Beach
: 07.30 a. m
: Swimming, volleyball, games, and lunch at the Sea
View Restaurant
: walk along the beach to the lagoon and watch the
boat festival
: Rp. 50.000,Contact person
: Vita, Zaskia
Anne Siragih

19. what is the announcement about?

A. A boat festival
B. A Sea View Restaurant
C. The Golden Sands Beach
D. schedule of a school trip
E. A lagoon at the Golden Sands Beach
20. this announcement is mostly addressed to.
A. visitors
B. tourists
C. students
D. travelers
E. sightseers
21. Whom do you contact if you want more information?
A. Vita and zaskia
B. The headmaster
C. The class leader
D. Anne saragih
E. The teacher
The following text is for questions numbers 22-24
Bees are of useful insects. There are about 20.000 kinds of bees, but only honey bees make
honey. Honey bees live in group called colonies, each colony has one female queen bee, tens of
thousands or worker bees, and a few hundreds male bees or drones. Honey bees live in hives. Inside
their hive, the bees make honey comb of wax. The honey comb is a kind of bee apartment building
full of six-sided
room in which the bees raise young and store food.
The queen bee lays thousands of eggs. Worms look like larva hatch from the eggs. Each
larva become a pupa, which looks partly like a larva and partly look like an udult bee. The pupa
then become an adult bee. Worker bees feed the young, clean and guard the hive, and fly to and
from flowers. They collect tiny grains of pollen and a sweet liquid called nectar for food. The pollen
is a food for young bees. Worker bees use the nectar to make honey. Without bees bringing pollen
from flower to flower, many plants cannot make seeds.
22. What does the text tell about?
A. bees
B. queen bees
C. home comb
D. honey bees
E. worker bees

23. They collect tiny grains of pollen and.

The synonym of the underlined word is.
A. small
B. sufficient
C. big
D. middle
E. many
24. What feeds the young?
A. the pupa
B. the worker bees
C. the nectar
D. the queen
E. the larva

The following text is for questions numbers 25-27

The University of Australia
The University of Australia has an international reputation for educational professional and
for applied research. Its Australias largest university, with six campuses, including specialized
technology campus. The university places particular importance on the quality of its teaching and
learning programs., and on its working links with industry, business and government.
25. The whole paragraph promote that.
a. The University of Australia offers excellent educational programs
b. The University of Australia is the largest university in the country
c. The University of Australia has a specialized technology campus
d. The university places particular importance on technology
e. The university has six campuses
26. Which information ISNT TRUE about The University of Australia?
A. It has an international educational reputation
B. It also has a specialized technology campus
C. It has six technology campuses
D. It is Australias largest university
E. It has a good relation with industry
27. The University of Australia has an international reputation for..
The underlined word means
A. knowledge
B. prestige
C. attitude
D. character
E. interest

The following text is for questions numbers 28-30

In their famous Indonesian-English dictionary, Prof. Woyowasito and the late Mr.
Purwodarminto translated the wordarisan as a saving club, while Prof. Dr. Bouwman, a Ducth
sociologist, defined it as ROSCA, the abbreviation of rotating saving credit association.
Arisan plays an important role in Indonesian Society, We can save our money and someday we
can withdraw our saving. Or we can get a certain sum of money as a loan, and repay it in
installment, without any interest. We may say that we can get credit without difficulty and formal
procedures. The money intended for arisan is commonly regarded as a saving.
The purpose of arisan is to strengthen the bonds among the participants. It show the spirit of
mutual assistance. Every member has the same chance to win the lucky number. He or she then will
subsequently be the host or thehostess for the next meeting.
Arisan is not only found among Indonesians. I believe that it is also popular in any other parts of
the world. Of course it has different name. The number of arisan members isnt limited.
28. Arisan can be found.
A. all over the world
B. only in Indonesia and Holland
C. only in big cities in Indonesia
D. In some parts of the world
E. in Indonesia and other parts of the world
29. The main idea of paragraph one is that..
A. Arisan means a savingclub or rotating saving credit association
B. Prof. Woyowasito and the late Mr. Purwodarminto are persons who translate the word
C. Prof. Dr. Browman defined the word arisan
D. A saving club is the same as ROSCA
E. ROSCA is the abbreviation of rotating saving credit association
30. The purpose of arisan is to strengthen the bonds among the participants. (Paragraph 3)
The underlined word means.
A. lengthen
d. thicken
B. fasten
e. broaden
C. tighten
D. thicken
E. broaden
The following text is for questions numbers 31-32

The first commercial television broadcast was made in April 20, 1939 by Radio Corporation of
America(RCA). Since 1939, It has become one of the most important fact in modern life. Television
is very much part of modern life. Its effects are felt all around the world.
Television is the reflection of modern world, say some people. It shows temporary society. It
affects customs and culture, others say. Television is bad for culture because it keeps culture from
growing, say still others.
Good or bad, television is difficult to avoid. Its pictures enters homes, stores, airports and
factories. It is here to stay!
31. What is the topic of the whole text?
A. The social construction shown by TV program
B. The different opinions on the influence of TV program
C. The educational aspects included in TV program
D. The cultural values reflected by TV Program
E. The useful influence of TV program
32. What do critics think about violence on television?
A. It teaches teenagers how to solve problems
B. It teaches teenagers to be brave
C. It is often enjoyed by the viewers
D. It makes the viewers feel happy
E. It can change life-style
The following text is for questions numbers 33-34
Two students were discussing the new schools rule that all the students must wear a cap and a
tie. One of them showed her annoyance. She said that wearing a cap and a tie was only suitable for
a flag rising ceremony. So, she was against the rule. Contrary to the girls opinion, the other student
was glad with it. He said that he didnt mind with the new rule because wearing a cap and a tie will
make the students loom great and like real educated persons. The first students give reasons that
they would feel uncomfortable and hot. Moreover the classrooms were not air conditioned. The
second said it wasnt a big problem. He was sure that the students would wear them proudly. They
would surely be used to it anyway.
33. The two students are discussing.
A. the facilities in school
B. their homework
C. their uniform
D. their friends
E. their family
34 The boy said that he agreed with the new rule in his school. Which statement shows his
A. he was not annoyed
B. he would not obey the rule

C. he didnt care of the rule

D. he didnt like wear a cap and a tie
E. he didnt mind wearing a cap and a tie
The following text is for questions numbers 35-36
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
J. K. Rowling
Bloomsbury 1997
ISBN 0747532745
223 pp
Judging by this first vomume, the Harry Potters books are a new edition to childrens fantasy
literature. Harry Potter, orphaned when his parents are killed by the evil wizard, weldermort, is
taken by his aunt and uncle, who are muggles-ordinary, non magical people. Harry is rather out of
place there, but things improved greatly for him when he goes to the Hogwart school of witchcraft
and wizardry-except one of the staff is in league with Voldemort.
Part of the attraction of Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone comes from the familiar but at the
same time exotic setting of the an English public scholl, complete with houses and schoolboy
adventures, in which Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione struggle to save the world and win
the house cup.
So Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone will be a great Christmas present for kids who havent
read it yet-and it is a book that adults ( those without stunted imaginations) can read as well.
A book reviewed by danny Yee@2000
35. What makes the novel attractive?
A. the cover of the novel
B. the familiar but exotic setting of an English public school
C. Harry and his friends adventures to win the house cup
D. it will be a great Christmas present for kids
E. it can also be read by an adult
36. Harry Potter, orphaned when his parents are killed
The underlined word means
A. have no mother
B. have no father
C. have no sister
D. have no mother and father
E. have nobody
Read the following sentences carefully, and arranged the into a good paragraph!
1. Like Indonesia, Singapore is a country of bhineka Tunggal Ika
2. Singapore is a city state, Its a city but also a state. It is a republic.

3. Along with Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the philippines and Brunei, it belongs to ASEAN, the
Association of South-East Asian Nations
4. Chinese, Malay, Indians and Eurasians make up its citizens
5. Singapore is sometimes calledInstant Asia because you can see varieties of customes, cultures
and foods of nearly all Asia in Singapore
6. Other Asians, including Indonesians, Japanese, Philippines, Koreans, Thais, and Arabs also live
on that tiny island
37. The best arrangement for these sentences is
A. 2-3-1-4-6-5
B. 4-3-2-5-6-1
C. 2-1-4-5-6-3
D. 3-2-1-5-6-4
E. 3-1-5-2-6-4
Complete the following text with the suitable words provided (no. 38, 39, and 40)!
Alright everybody, in this very good chance I will tell you(48).to make an omllette.
To make an omelette, you will need some eggs, frying pan, stove, spatula, fork, bowl, plate, salt,
and of course cooking oil.
The first step, crack an egg into a bowl. Then whisk the egg with a fork until mixed well, dont
forget to add little salt. Now heat the cooking oil in a pan. Wait at least two minutes. (39).pour
the mixture into the frying pan. Then turn the omelette with a spatula when it browns. Next cook
both side. Finally the omelette is done, (50)it on a plate. The omelette is ready to serve.
38. A. when
B. who
C. how
D. Why
E. Where
39. A. while
B. before
C. after that
D. later
E. and
40. A. place
B. make
C. pour
D. turn
E. lay


This text is for Question 41 to 45.

Technique of Teaching
The Silent Way is one of the effective language teaching techniques. It is pedagogical approach to
language teaching based on the premise that the teacher should be as silent as possible in the
classroom (about 90% of the time). The learners, then, are encouraged to produce as much language
as possible. They have much time both to be exposed to the language and to perform practice.
The learning hypothesis behind the Silent Way is that learning is facilitated if the learners discover
or create rather than remembers and repeats what is to be learned. Also, students leam more
effectively through problem solving involving the target language. It views language learning as a
creative, problem-solving and discovering activity in which the learner is a principal actor rather
than a bench-bound listener.
Basically, in learning teachers prepare their students to have problem solving skill. And the
Silent Way can be described as a problem-solving approach to language learning, and is summed up
nicely in Benjamin Franklin's words:
"Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I leam."
I conclude that the Silent Way is an appropriate language teaching technique.
41. Which approach is supporting the Silent Way in language teaching?
A. Exposing the subject.
B. Creating the subjects.
C. Asking the students to act as actors.
D. Giving the students problems to solve.
E. Asking the students to be good listeners.
42. The Silent Way5 is an approach for teaching language hoping that the students will
A. become principal actors
B. repeat what is to be learned
C. be able to solve their problems
D. remember what has been taught
E. produce as much language as possible
43. In the silent way, the students become .
A. a teacher
B. an actor
C. a listener
D. a learner
E. a creative student
44. The purpose of the text is to ... to the readers what 'Silent Way' is.
A. improve
B. declare
C. introduce
D. Contribute
E. Remind
45. "It is pedagogical approach ... as silent as possible in the classroom." (Paragraph 1) The
synonym of the underlined word is ....
A. weak
B. patient

C. Quiet
D. Helpful
E. Pleasant
This text is for Question 46 to 50
Music and Lyrics Movie Review
Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) is a washed-up 80s pop star whos been reduced to working the
nostalgia circuit at county fairs and amusement parks. The charismatic and talented musician gets a
chance at a comeback when reigning diva Cora Corman (Haley Bennett) invites him to write and
record a duet with her, but theres a problemAlex hasnt written a song in years, hes never written
lyrics, and he has to come up with a hit in a matter of days, enter Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore),
Alexs attractively quirky lady, whose fl air for words strikes a chord with the struggling songwriter.
On the rebound from a bad relationship,
Sophie is reluctant to collaborate with anyone, especially commitment-phobe Alex. As their
chemistry heats up at the piano and under it, Alex and Sophie will have to face their fearsand the
musicif they want to find the love and success they both deserve.
46. What is the text about ?
A. The struggle of Alex Fletcher in music
B. The history of Alex Fletcher in music
C. The problem of Alex Fletcher in music
D. The passion of Alex Fletcher in music
E. The failure of Alex Fletcher in music
47. Who invites Alex to record a duet ?
A. Sophie Fisher
B. Drew Barrymore
C. Cora Corman
D. Haley Bennett
E. Sophie Fletcher
What is the genre of the movie based on the review?
A. Horror
B. Action
C. romantic drama
D. comedy
E. thriller
What is the word quirky (line 7) closest in meaning to?
A. Pretty
B. good looking
C. beautiful
D. eye-catching
E. odd
This text is for Question number 50
Join our friendly staff! Busy restaurant needs waiters and waitresses

Work lunch and dinner hours, weekdays and weekends Perfect for high school and college
Will arrange hours around class schedule Good pay
Must be neat, dependable, and polite Experience not necessary; you will be trained Apply in
person, noon to 5 P.M.
Tasty Restaurant
7 Elm Street
50. This advertisement is about....
A. tasty restaurant
B. a restaurant grand opening
C. a new restaurant promotion
D. a waiters/waitresses training
E. job vacancies for waitresses and waiters