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Topic essay

Are the subject currently taught the best use pf our childrens time? If you were
to complete a list of all the most useful things a person could have learnt after
18 or more years of education, what would say? Did it work? Was it useful? Did
you learn anything relevant for life? Maybe not. A survey showed and reflected
some nowadays- students interests, that is, they spoke up and answered that
they would like to be prepared for life; so professionally speaking they
answered that the subjects they should have at school should be:

Incredibly, few students answered, without consulting, they should have a

subject called LOVE. What for? To learn to love, one of them said.

Write an essay of 250 words giving a mature and critical opinion about this. Use
the following as references:

Which subjects should we learn at school?

What subjects shouldnt be part of our curriculum?
Should or shouldnt we learn about love? Why?
Are the currents courses preparing students for
Are your teachers prepared to teach new things?
Who should choose and set the program of schools?
Should students help people in charge of making
the programs? Why?

What do you think of the current studying

programs? Schools? teachers? Etc. Are those
helping and contributing for your future life?