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Health Promotion Reflection

John Schaefer
Title of work Sample:

Health Promotion Standards #6 - Communication

Bridgeway Presentation-Whats Bugging You?

Date completed:

2015 - Fall Semester


The work sample was a lecture on Infectious Diseases that would be familiar to college age students. Special
emphasis was placed on Lyme disease because it is endemic in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. The symptoms
are greatly varied, difficult to diagnose, when the diagnosis is missed great harmful effects occur when it
advances to secondary stages. The treatment is easy and the cost is low for the antibiotic.
Health Promotion Standard Alignment
1. This lecture with health promotion Standard 6. Communication
2. The work sample is an example of raising awareness of a potential common
disease which can be overlooked by the unaware individual.
3. Competency in meeting this Standard of Communication can be seen in the
evaluations that the students provided after the lecture. Comments about the
presentation were favorable and indicate that communication of specific facts
were remembered.
4. The evaluation of the students indicted that I was able to make the connections.
Quote from one evaluations: He went into detail to help explain concepts
had great stories to help make great connections.
Health and Human Performance Knowledge, Skill, Disposition Statement Alignment
This work sample aligns best with KSD3.a Communicates Clearly and Accurately.
Whats Bugging You? Required clear and accurate information because it was instructing about laboratory procedures used
in diagnosing infectious diseases familiar to college students.
1. Why does this work sample/experience align with the designated KSD(s)?
At the beginning of the presentation, I asked what majors were present and particularity if they were in
bacteriology courses taught at UW-Platteville. I would adjust my description of the laboratory procedures based
upon this. I used questions during the lecture to determine if the information was understandable to the group.
Based upon these questions, I would modify my presentation.

How does the work sample/experience demonstrate, at least in part, competency in the designated KSD(s)?
Student evaluations indicated that they understood the material and that they comprehended the material. Quotes
such as It was very informative. I enjoyed it.
The information was truly valuable for everyday life! I loved the Lyme disease portion!

Other aligned KSDs include: KSD1.e, KSD3.a, and KSD3.b.

What I learned about teaching/training from this experience.
1. I looked at the evaluations after each session and tried to incorporate ideas
expressed by the students to make the subject matter clearer in the next
presentation. One student commented: Talk more about STDs very common
college problem. During the next session I went into greater detail about STDs.
2. I also learned that U-tube videos can be very useful and well received by students. I
would incorporate more videos in my next presentation.
What I learned about myself as a prospective health promotion specialist as a result
of this experience/work sample:
1. I will incorporate more U-tube videos in future presentations. The u-tube videos of
spirochetes was very informative for the students and brought life to concept of a
spirochete and why they are named spirochetes.
2. I would provide a more extensive evaluation form including more content questions from
the presentation.
3. I would also determine the makeup of the group so that I could provide a clear presentation
based upon the experience of the group.