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December 2, 2015

Reflection Journal #6: Types of Teachers

I found this chapter to be very interesting as I noticed and picked out different
characteristics of the different types of teachers that I either struggle with, accidentally do, or am
good at. Personally, I think I am a mixture of the Guardian Angel, Entertainer, and Grammarian
types of teachers. I have noticed, especially this semester in my practicum at the high school
level, that I really want my students to like me. While I dont think that I have depended on this
desire too much in my teaching and in my time in the classroom, I have been very conscious of
my interactions with students simply because I dont really know where the line is. Its difficult
because I am only a few years off from being a high school student myself. I am also involved in
the youth group with my church as a youth leader. In this position, I am definitely friends with
our youth and I try to be. Because of this, it has been hard trying to identify what I should and
should not do in my interactions with the students in my practicum.
In keeping with those three types of teachers that I listed, I think that I depend far too
much on English. I know that when I start my student teaching next semester, I will need to have
strict rules for myself in that area. Part of this struggle is due to the fact that I have not been in a
practicum classroom in which the teacher mostly uses the target language. So far, all of the
cooperating teachers I have had have mostly used English. Even outside of those particular
classroom cultures, I know that I am going to struggle using the target language the whole time.
Another characteristic that I related with is that I dont feel like Im contributing to the class
unless I explain the grammar in-depth and in English. While I know this isnt true, I feel like
students wont get it unless I explain in the clearest terms (aka in English).
I would like to be a teacher who puts the students good above everything else. This
includes respecting students and understanding where they are coming from while also being

willing to discipline when necessary. Students need to know that I am not a push-over. I also
want to get really good at using the target language throughout the whole class and engaging
students and explaining things to students in the target language by repetitions, rewordings,
gestures, visuals, etc. My class will be student-centered and characterized by listening, reading,
speaking, and writing in the target language, not by me lecturing at my students the whole time. I
want to be a teacher who holds her students to certain expectations and who is confident in their