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In our world today the gender roles are very similar. we are used to both men and women
having control and both being equally treated in society at least for the most part.but it wasn't
always like this. the gender roles in the early twentieth century were actually the opposite.
These roles were very negative and unfair. Woman carried no importance,they were
housewives and just something extra for mens lives. The men carried all the honor because
they were the ones who carried family's name and were in control of important jobs. men were
running the world with their power and education.
women in the twentieth century were portrayed negatively.they were treated unfairly ,there for
they felt useless and hopeless to make a change in their generation. in the great gatsby Daisy
said, im glad its a girl and i hope she will be a fool , thats the best thing a girl could be in this
world . daisy never wants her daughter to be smart .she knew a women won't make change
,consequently all she wish is her daughter to be was beautiful so she can attract rich guy and
live life without being stressed out.daisey knew their was something wrong with their generation
but she never had hope to fix the problem , so she just accepted whatever comes in her life and
thats how life was for women back in the twentieth century.
gender role is still big issue in some least developed countries. just like in the twentieth century ,
women don't get the chance to go to school ,so they stay at home taking care of kids or
even if they make it through high school they don't get the chance to pick what college they
want to go to or to make their dream come true. i didn't know i was a slave until i found out i
couldn't do the things i wanted (Fredrick Douglass). gender role issue was like slavery except
its not about color but genders. women weren't even allowed to choose how they should
dress.they were always expected to depend on their husband .women felt like they were men's
property and men felt like they own them so they never got treated like a person or someone
who has feelings.
Under those circumstances Lois Bener author of the article women in the 1920s in North
Carolina said, A women of 1920 would be surprised to know that she would be remembered
as a new women(1/7).after 10 years , in the U.S , women are finally equal to days our
mothers go to work ,also have the chance to participate in political subjects and have the right
live their own life independently. if women's from the 2o century were still alive and looked at our
generation they will be so grateful life is finally fair. our generation could have also change their
mind ,their belief on how a girl could only be beautiful and fool.
gender role equality is significant because if our generation wasn't changed, society wouldve
still be ignorant and instead of attending school we would be at home taking care of kids or
cooking.we would have boring life while being treated unfairly just because we are women.