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Ken is plagued by constant worries that what he has planned will not occur as scheduled. He
makes hundreds of to-do lists each day and often checks these lists to make sure they are
correct. Ken incessantly reminds his colleagues of upcoming deadlines, sometimes 15 or 20
times each day.


Don goes through periods when he feels he just cant lose. He goes on gambling sprees,
launches new get-rich-quick schemes, and engages in promiscuous behavior. At other times, he
feels so down that he cant even get out of bed. Life seems purposeless.
They are following me. Quick, hide behind the stacks. Beth, an attractive seventeen year-old ,
dragged her startled classmate by the sleeve as she peered between some books on the library
What are you talking about? asked her friend
Beth cupped a hand over her friends ear and whispered, They watch me all the time. They
dont think I recognize them just because they disguise themselves as teachers or students. But
I can tell. I see right through their tricks.
The other girl backed off and tried to gauge Beths seriousness.
Beth stepped close to her and said in an insistent whisper, It's the Soviet KGB and the radical
terrorists who are out to get me. They shoot electronic waves into my house to try to brainwash
me. They douse us all with impulses to soften our brains and our resistance, then they pipe
preprogrammed thoughts into our heads. Its all part of their conspiracy to gain worldwide mind
The other girl was backed into the far corner of the stacks by now, and, a little frightened by
Beths vehement accusations, she avoided her penetrating gaze.
You, muttered Beth, pointing a finger.They already own you. I see it in your eyes.
Beth, I have to get to class, said the girl as she tried to squeeze past.
I knew it all along, said Beth, fleeing from the girl. Theyve got you in their power just like they
have seventy-five percent of the kids in this school.

#29 Anxiety, Panic disorder, Obsessive Compulsive disorder during group therapy the patient is
taught how to change their perspective about their fears. During behavior therapy the patient
learns how to react to apprehension or anxiety- provoking situations cognitive therapy will also
help the patient change their perspective about particular fears. Biological treatment can help
relieve some symptoms of anxiety but it does not cure it.
#39 Narcissistic personality disorder and depression group therapy probably won't help a
person who is narcissistic they believe they don't need therapy they might take over the group
and label themselves as most important person in the group.Goals for cognitive therapy
shouldn't be too great, since the source of these patients difficulties lies deep in pathological
development. Behavioral therapy helps them change their attitudes and outlook on life. like
regular anxiety and depression , medications for these narcissism symptoms do work although
they are only part of
overall treatment
#8 Paranoid Schizophrenia and Delusions, It is felt that group therapy can be successfully used
to provide adequate and intensive treatment for an outpatient schizophrenic population. Group
therapy appears to be a feasible and probably more effective means of treatment than the
routine individual follow-up care. Drop-out rates for the cognitive therapy were low, while its
efficacy in reducing the symptoms of psychosis was clear and apparently comparable to what
medication can achieve. Behavioral therapy for delusions Works well for grandiose or delusions
of reference, but persecutory delusions require reference, but persecutory delusions require
more care and planning. Behavioral therapy for paranoia, motivation and engagement to find
out Motivation and engagement to find out more about beliefs and events in life more about
beliefs and events in life Reduce personal distress and negative Reduce personal distress and
negative moods Improve trust and relationships.

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