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Globalization is defined as a process of interaction among people, companies

and government of different nations that is driven by international trade aided by
information technology. It has a tremendous impact on the industry as
technological advances occur rapidly in many parts of the world.
The benefit of globalization of technology is that goods and people can be
transported with more easiness and speed to a certain location. As an example,
local consumer products can be exported to any country in the world. This would
enhance a broad access to a range of goods for consumers and companies that
will help the worldwide production to emerge. Besides, global mass media
connects all the people in the world and create more communication between the
individuals and corporations in the world. This can help in reducing cultural
barriers and promote international travel and tourism in a country. In addition to
that, environmental protection in developed countries will increase through the
development of green construction by emerging technology. Globalization also
increases the economic prosperity and opportunity in the developing world.
Although it is feared that some developing region progress at the expense of
other developed regions, such doubts are futile as globalization is a positive
chance in which skills and technologies enable to increase the living standards
throughout the world.