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Name:Shananda soni

NIM :1304108010005

According with the data, in United Kingdom index of some species of bird
decreased since 1970 until 2004. We can look at the table, only index kind of bird
that living in coastal area still increased. As we know, extinction of a species
depending on cause. And mostly it because the predator of the species.
In farmland species, we can see the amount of it since 1970 has decreased in
lower level than the other. This indicates the cause of extinction of this bird is
high.Usually, kind of this bird looking for food in the plantation area,they fly into
the tree that produce a ripe fruit. Sometimes,the presence of this bird
disadvantage fruit growers.Of course they try to expel the presence of this flock,
but they really disapointing when they know the bird keeps coming back for the
fruit. This what make the growers upset and start to make many trap on the
trees or they straight to hunt all the bird.
From that fact,its really matter to build a scantury or conservation land for bird if
we intend to preserve it.Make a safe place for them,so they can keep alive and
continue descent.And we can still introduce them to our grandchildren.