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ashutoshsachan | Sign out Getahead 'You are the creator of your own destiny'

'You are the creator of your own destiny'


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December 24, 2015 12:08 IST

"I started by doing odd jobs. I promised myself to work towards creating a better
life and learned the way of dealing with life in a hard and practical manner.
"The hardships taught me the value of life and made me think beyond the
The story of Anila Jyothi Reddy, a farm labourer who became a millionaire is full
of lessons. Read on...
How a farm labourer became a millionaire

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The FICCILadies O rganisation (FLO )had recently organised an interactive session w ith
Anila JyothiReddy,Presidentand CEO ,Key Softw are Solutions,Inc.
The session titled "Scripting H er D estiny --Farm Labourer to a M illionaire" saw M s Reddy
share her experiences.
Reddy said,"For w om en from the grassrootslevel,itis a huge task to m ake her w ay through
the labyrinth ofim pedim ents in her entrepreneurialjourney.

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"Istarted by doing odd jobs.I prom ised m yselfto w ork tow ards creating a better life and
learned the w ay ofdealing w ith life in a hard and practicalm anner.
"The hardships taughtm e the value oflife and m ade m e think beyond the situation.The
im pedim ents in m y journey becam e m y courage."

A tale of two EPL


Born to a poor peasantfam ily in W arangal,Andhra Pradesh,Anila JyothiReddy has com e a

long w ay from a deprived childhood,being broughtup in a governm entw elfare orphanage,
Balasadan,to becom ing the founder presidentofa recruiting firm Keys Softw are Services,
U SA. 25-Dec-15

'You are the creator of your own destiny' - Get Ahead

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25 dead, over 100

hurt in Saudi
hospital fire

Reddy has scripted her ow n destiny and reached the zenith ofaccom plishm entas a successful
Though her journey from an orphanage to the top ofthe business w orld has been an arduous
one,buttoday she is the CEO ofa U SD 15 m illion IT com pany based in Phoenix,Arizona,
U nited States.

Wednesday was
Mumbai's second
coldest night
since 1949

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Archana G arodia G upta,FLO presidentsaid,"FLO is the m ostaptplatform to connect,learn

and grow .W e recognise the success stories ofw om en entrepreneurs and provide a platform for
the m em bers to be inspired by them .This program m e w as an excellentopportunity to be
m otivated by the inspiring success story ofM s.Anila JyothiR eddy and learn abouther rags-torich transform ation.The reallife story ofa farm labourer's journey to m illionaires is thatofa
dream ,achieved thru grit,determ ination and perseverance.FLO salutes her indom itable spirit
and unsurpassable courage."
Reddy's m otto in life is--"You are the creator ofyour ow n destiny." She believes thatnothing
can stop a hum an being from becom ing w hatone w ants to achieve in life.
H er nextdream to see thatevery O rphan in India to getan ow n Identity,recognition and enjoy
Tow ards reaching thatgoal,she has been interacting and sensitizing various G overnm ent
agencies,policy m akers,politicians as w ellasN on-G overnm entO rganizations.
Lead image: Kind courtesy
How a farm labourer became a millionaire
How a coolie's son set up a Rs 100 crore company
The blind CEO who built a 50 crore company
Source: ANI

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The blind CEO who
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Wednesday was
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'You are the creator of your own destiny' - Get Ahead

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You got it completely wrong there

by Angelo Mohanan (View MyPage) on Dec 24, 2015 07:44 PM | Hide replies
You are the creator of your own destiny.


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Re: You got it completely wrong there
by Gajanan (View MyPage) on Dec 24, 2015 09:31 PM
Some believe in bookish words, some believe in words of self experience.
The tolerant world needs both.


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