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254 Applisd Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants Figure 4-25. 55 ication design sheet for separator using wire # Heavy oil with suspended matter, This might plug. light oil or solvent spray would be recommenced fox flushing the mesh. Fiber Beds/Pads impingement Eliminators The use of fiber packing hele bewween wire mesh con ng range, generally 0.1 10 > 3 microns with recoveries of enuained liquid of up to 99.07% (by weight). Figures 27A, B, and C illusnate she design concept and it corre spoading data table indicates expected performance. The fibers used mean the bed packing can be fabricated trom Tine glss, polypropylene fibers, or can be selected to be the most resistant to the liquid mist ertering the wnit from corrosive plant operations such 2s sulfuric acid, chlosine, uitrie acid, ammonia serabbing Jor pens is best applied in the very low micron contol, and many obiers. ‘The entrained particles ave (o) canteen, trees, (a aaa foe contece (Conpontsten ant aanttty]? Figure 4-26, Wite entrainment mesh sascifications. remoxed by diteet interception, inertial impaction, and Bosnian eapiure The design raring for cais equigment is best selected by the manutacnuers for exch applieation The concept of removal oF entrained liquid partiele is essentially the same as J wire mesh designs, except the