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TIMAC Alumni Meetings

Today Future

Wednesday, March 31, 10-11 am Friday, April 30, 10-11 am Friday, May 21, 4-5 pm
Wednesday, March 31, 4-5 pm Friday, April 30, 2-3 pm


• Round Robin:
o How are you doing?
o Is your school surviving?
o What about your job?
o Ideas for the future/alternatives?
o How has technology integration been at your school this year?
o CATESOL State Conference, CCAE?

• From OTAN:

o Adult Education Budget Cuts – How are schools doing across the state
o Digests
o News items
o Online and face to face workshops
o Cool resources: Web-based Class Activities: Educational Video and Social
Networking Sites
o Cool resources: Voxopop
o Cool resources: Gaming in Adult Ed Classroom
o Cool resources:
 Hans Rosling
 Ken Robinson